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Today we live in an ‘Era of Social Media’, an age where appearance is of prime importance. We are looking at the world and people in it through the camera lens. Everything has to be esthetically pleasing either genuinely or improvised through filters on our phones.

Our Smile the biggest asset we have, it’s the first thing we notice in a person. A confident smile travels a long way, whether it’s a social interaction or an official meeting. A beautiful, confident smile is the best ice breaker or greeting. Whereas a conscious or hesitant smile, often leads to people doubting or underestimating you.

Psychological studies have shown a huge correlation between smile and self-esteem or confidence. People hesitant in smiling are often found to have a low self-confidence.

May it be because of crooked teeth or chipped tooth, a conscious smile, hampers our professional as well as social life. A child being nagged for irregular teeth by peers, often becomes self-conscious. Despite being god in a lot of things, such kids at times are reluctant to join group activities.

Similarly a dull or subpar smile effects how people perceive you. In job interviews or official meetings, the power or confidence of your smile can have great impact on the results.

In our society, people tend to avoid a visit to the dentist. Until or unless there is some pain or major discomfort, we delay or ignore the need of a dental treatment. We have general attitude to underestimate the importance of bright gorgeous smile.

There can be a lot of factors contributing to this avoidance:

  • Fear of pain
  • Lack of time
  • Hassle of appointment taking or multiple visits.
  • Fear of high cost.

All these hesitations can be dealt with. Dentistry has progressed into a painless, hassle free era. A lot of dentists are available and working on weekends or till late in the evening, in order to cater for professionals or cooperate employees. Easy online or telephonic appointment bookings are available. If talking about cost, for every problem multiple treatment options are available, you can always chose the ones with maximum benefits and cost efficacy. Anyways a healthy smile is far precious than a few bucks.


Veneers and Laminates:

These are paper-thin, custom made shells placed over teeth to improve, shape and shade of teeth, cover receding gum line, mask mild teeth irregularities & enhance smile esthetics. It’s a fast and effective method to add that dazzling effect to the smile.

Braces or Aligners:

These are an ideal option for complex dental irregularities and malalignments. Orthodontics have come a long way from tacky, unaesthetic metal braces. Now a days a huge range of treatment options with far better esthetics are present in the market. Tooth colored braces and wires are available which are minimally visible and highly comfortable. Lingual Braces which are placed on the inner surface of teeth and hence rarely visible on smiling. Clear Aligners are transparent bioplastic plates used for orthodontic treatment, are the latest advancement. Maximum comfort and esthetics, minimum appointment hassle and food restrictions are a few major plus point of this line of treatment.

Tooth Whitening:

It’s a procedure comprising mild chemical or laser treatment to lighten and brighten the shade of teeth. Frequent wine-drinkers, black coffee drinkers and smokers have a tendency for dullness and stains accumulation on teeth surface, and can be benefited from whitening treatments. It’s also huge boost up to create that dazzle- effect for your wedding or a huge job/business meeting. An add-on to highlight that confident smile.

Regular Brushing and flossing habits:

A dentist can only provide you with a bright enhanced smile, its maintenance is an effort you have to make. Incorporate regular brushing, mouthwash and flossing habits in your daily regimen. A small step for a healthy habit goes a long way.

Do you Know: We use 12 face muscles while smiling and 113 while frowning!!!

So go visit a dentist, add that extra punch to your smile and dazzle everyone around you.

The smile designing options are much and wider, it all depends on what you plan to go ahead with. Looking for dental clinic near me will give you wide options of choosing amongst the dentists.

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