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  • What Advertising Agencies Lack to Win A Digital Tender

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Participation in digital tenders helps agencies to find good clients. However, competition in them is high, so it is always challenging to win a match.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that make agencies lose. The material will help you find and eliminate the miscalculations that separate you from exciting projects and profits.

Digital tender: what is it and why participate in it?

A tender is a competition where the customer chooses the contractor who will best cope with the task at hand. We can talk about any activity: construction or renovation, procurement, drafting contracts, or accounting services. The employer sets the conditions under which he will work with the contractor – the scope of tasks, deadlines, and the contractors offer their options. Finally, the contract is concluded with the one whose offer of cooperation is most suitable. To get a quote, visit the Tenderboard procurement platform.

Tenders in the digital sphere are organized according to a similar principle. Only the sphere of activity is different – Internet marketing, SMM, SEO promotion, development, and so on and so forth.

How does it work?

Well, let’s say, for example, an online store needs to advertise. To do the job, you need a specialist or an agency “from the outside” – well-versed in all the intricacies of the setting (like google partner agency).

To find it, the head of the enterprise needs to revise and study dozens of websites with thousands of job seekers’ resumes. It will take a considerable amount of time.

Another option is to create a tender on a unique site so that contractors themselves come and offer their services to solve the problem.

For performers, this scheme is also beneficial:

  • You can find new clients. Even if the employer chooses in favour of another contractor, he will still remember all the competitors and, possibly, will turn to you to fulfil the following order.
  • You can strengthen your reputation. The more often a company wins tenders, the more it is recognized in the field. She gets more trust than the rest.
  • Large profits can be made. Tenders are usually initiated by large companies looking for an executor for their project with an excellent hefty check. Take google partner agency as an example.

Who can participate in the competition?

An advertising agency or a private contractor who has the necessary skills can participate in digital tenders.

Tenders are:

  • Open. Any company can apply.
  • Closed. They are available only to those invited by the organiser.
  • With limited participation. For those who meet particular conditions. These may include, for example, the experience of cooperation with the banking sector when it comes to a tender for the development of a mobile application for a bank.

The tender itself can take place in one or several stages. A multi-stage competition resembles an interview that large companies conduct when hiring:

  • At the first stage, they select the resume of applicants interested in the task director.
  • On the second, the manager interviews the approached candidates. At this stage, some of them are eliminated.
  • In the third, everyone gets to an interview with a senior executive (or project). After that, only one applicant will remain. It is with him that they agree.

All selection options can work in the digital sphere. But in any case, only one contractor will be selected for the task.

Remember that a digital tender is a competition, a victory that can provide an agency with work. It is impossible to predict in advance how the customer will behave and whom he will choose. Success here largely depends on how careful you are when composing a response.

Dive into the project, analyze your competitors and avoid the mistakes that we mention below:

  • Wrong choice of the tender site;
  • Bad business proposal;
  • Responding to a topic, you don’t know much about;
  • Too overpriced or too underpriced;
  • Poor portfolio;
  • Inability to ask the right questions;
  • Refusal to work officially, under a contract;
  • Inattention;
  • Unfilled performer file;
  • Poor communication skills;
  • Lack of feedback.

Good luck!

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