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  • Why Eating Healthy Is Important To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus?

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Diabetes has become the most widespread condition nowadays. There are various reasons behind that. Poor lifestyle choices, poor eating habits, and family history may be the root causes of diabetes. There are two types of diabetes- type 1 and type 2. Type-1 diabetes occurs when a person’s body is unable to produce insulin. The insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed which is why the glucose is unable to enter the cells for energy production.

Type- 2 diabetes occurs when the fat cells in the liver, muscles, and pancreas do not use insulin well. This is called insulin resistance. This results in the body requiring more insulin so that glucose may enter the blood cells to produce more energy. The build-up of glucose outside the cells may result in increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

Factors responsible for type-2 diabetes

There can be multiple factors behind the cause of type – 2 diabetes. They are as follows:

  • Obesity
  • Poor lifestyle habits
  • Family history
  • Environmental factors like alcohol consumption
  • Poor eating habits

Serious causes of diabetes

Gestational diabetes

There is a form of diabetes called gestational diabetes which may occur in pregnant women but for a temporary period of time. The glucose levels in pregnant women may rise but nothing to worry about as it goes away after a short period of time.

Monogenic diabetes

When a change occurs in a single gene of a person and is passed on to the generations then there is a slightly higher chance of developing this type of diabetes.

Cystic fibrosis

Sometimes, scarring in the pancreas occurs due to thick mucus production. The genetic mutation can occur over a course of the generation. This causes the pancreas to be less able to make insulin. The person may be asymptomatic till it reaches maturity.


If there is too much iron in the body then the pancreas and other vital organs may be at risk of damage.

Hormonal diseases

The certain hormonal disease may also be the cause behind the development of diabetes. Cushing’s syndrome is a disease in which the body produces stress hormones in large quantities. This prompts the body to store extra fat to cope with the rising stress levels. This is how people become overweight.

The ultimate treatment of diabetes

Diabetes has no cure but it can be managed well by properly following a healthy and balanced diet. Proper diet and exercise play a key role in managing diabetes. If a person does not keep himself physically active then there is a greater chance that many other health problems may arise. Along with the diet, in type-2 diabetics, artificial insulin needs to be injected which is where Tradjenta comes in handy. It is also called Insulin as part which is available in the form of a pen. It must not be shared with anybody. You can save money by getting it cheaper from a pharmacy called 90daymeds. Tradjenta cost savings will allow you to invest the same amount elsewhere.

The best foods to eat to manage diabetes are:

  • Whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Beans, nuts, pulses, eggs
  • Unsweetened soya milk

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