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  • 4 Easy Home Maintenance Items to Drastically Improve the Appearance of Your Home

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  • Published Date: March 26, 2020
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Improving the appearance of your home does not have to entail extensive, expensive renovations. In fact, cleaning and small changes often make the biggest differences. Employ these four easy home maintenance projects to make your property look much better.


The easiest way to make your house look better is simply by cleaning it, both inside and out. Removing cobwebs, leaves and other debris from your siding, gutters and porches gives your home a well-kept appearance. Inside, removing and putting away clutter makes your home appear more spacious and tidy. Cleaning off dirt, dust and scum makes a big difference too. Living in a clean home has the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety.


A new coat of paint, whether on your walls, kitchen cabinets, trim or front door, can prove a visual game changer. It’s not hard to do some painting—all you need is the paint itself, some time, other critical materials and proper setup. Painting can be a project you might not want to do yourself, however, simply because of the time and effort that goes into it. Plus, you likely want a professional job done so the end result will look nice. For these reasons, a painting contractor is a valid consideration if you don’t want this to be a DIY project. If your paint is old and peeling, you’ll also want to be aware of how that appearance can affect your home values. A new coat of paint can do a great deal more to improve your home and finances than you may think.

Yard Work

Curb appeal is such a major factor in real estate because it makes a massive difference. If your house and yard appear in poor shape, it can even impact the value of your neighbors’ homes. Simply getting in and doing some yard work, however, can put things right quickly. Clean up flower beds, remove dead plants, ensure the lawn is mowed, and trim bushes. Trees should also be trimmed, not only for the sake of appearance but for their health. Minor tree trimming of smaller trees can be done yourself but larger trees with more complex needs will require a tree trimming service to come in and do the work. While trees may seem like more work than they’re worth, they actually save you money in more than just curb appeal. Trees break up the wind as it blows around your home, lowering your energy bill by better insulating you against the weather.

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Change or Add Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in how your home appears both inside and out. For example, you can add outdoor walkway lighting or replace coach lights for a more sophisticated appearance. New light fixtures indoors can have a similar effect. Even replacing existing windows with a different style can add more natural light and drastically change the appearance of your home. However, you don’t need to renovate your windows to improve your lighting. If you can’t alter the windows and they’re already sparkling clean, there are other methods that can be done indoors to improve your lighting, such as adding mirrors and using lighter paint on your walls.

You can easily improve the appearance of your home by putting in a little work and making some small changes. All of these approaches have positive effects in different ways and should not be neglected. Try all of them or in various combinations to see big changes. This is especially important for those who are planning to sell their home soon or get their home appraised for a mortgage loan. Not only does a beautiful home improve your home satisfaction, but it increases your home value as well.

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