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  • 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home’s Drains Healthy

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Our homes are the world’s best place for us. No matter where we go, whichever luxurious hotel and resorts we stay in, the comfort of our own homes is never achieved and never found. We make our best efforts to keep our homes in the best possible condition and to make sure that we embellish it with the best possible luxury to make our cosy homes even better. All our efforts, our thoughts are put into one endeavour that what we have, becomes better.

Our homes are filled with modern accessories and beautiful decor items to make it the most luxurious we ever can. But the basic necessities of the house are fulfilled by some of the most important installations in the house like the power supply wires, the water pipelines, the basic entertainment devices and the washroom essentials. Along with all these, the drainage system is also one of the pillars on which our lavish, flamboyant homes stand tall.

It is of utmost importance that we take good care of all these systems and devices so that our homes run efficiently always. You do not to call the professionals every time for this purpose if you be a bit careful and not be negligent on your part. This is especially very crucial for drainage systems.

Let us see a few ways by which you can keep your drains healthy on your own.

Having professional visits regularly –

The first and foremost in the drainage system health manual is to have regular checks and inspections by professionals like A Better Service Ltd.

A lot many times we are negligent in our use of the pipes and basins in our daily lives or are too busy to make checks in the system, owing to our daily lives, and let the drains in our homes clog. By conducting regular checks, you ensure that there are no openings in the pipes, no clogging or blockage or any other kind of trouble. Not only this, if at all there are any problems arising in the pipes, the professional will tell you and sort it out immediately, before letting it become a bigger issue.

Being vigilant while using –

when you are using the drains in the house, you must be a bit careful. Be it the washrooms, the kitchen, your backyard or any other such place where it is easy for garbage to flow into the drains, you must take measures to not let this happen. You can install drain guards on each of the sink plugs as a preventive measure. Otherwise, all the garbage that flows in like the hair, the garbage in the kitchen, or the leaves in the backyard are going to make your drains choked and cloggy.

Using drain cleaner liquids daily –

Yes, we know that you are too busy the entire day and have a tight schedule, but if you want to make sure that your drainage system has a long life and not create problems every once in a while, then you must include this one habit in your daily schedule or make sure that your house help does this everyday. You do not have to do much, just pour the liquid in the drains, leave there for around half an hour so that the liquid spreads in the pipes properly and then wash it down with hot water. As simple as that!

Using hot water as much as possible –

This is the easiest way out, we can bet on it! Whenever it is possible, you must use hot water if you intend to keep your drains healthy. When hot water flows in the drains, it washes all the oil segments stuck on the pipes, the clogging and other slime. Just leave the hot water running for sometime and it will do the job. You may also add lime after that to get rid of any pungent smell.

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