5 Travel Lessons to Learn in Your 20s
  • 5 Travel Tips & Lessons to Learn in Your 20s

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The twenties is the age of excitement, adventure and experience. Though some people might need a reason for going out on a vacation but in the twenties, there are just two species existing, one who find reasons for holiday and others who create the reasons… Hmmm… You have to get through the process of detoxification from studies, your work and of course your BOSS!!

Either it is peace from city traffic or the love of Mother Nature, we always find a reason for a holiday anyways.

1. Overthinking is such a waste of time.

Overthinking is such a waste of time
Don’t take too much time to decide on a destination. You are not been to every place around, So, first try to cover the tried and tested once. There are many places you must have heard about from your friends and relatives, just take some advice simple!

2. Look for Last minute deals.

Look for Last minute deals
It can save a lot of green leaves in your wallet which you can use to make the trip more luxurious. Flight tickets get more expensive with time, so be an early bird. Try booking 54 days in advance to get a good deal.

3. Talk to Locals.

Talk to Locals
Who will better tell you about the city than its natives? Let the locals be your guide and ask them about the major tourist attractions, best foods and activities available and things which even a tour guides might not be able to tell you. And of course no harm in talking when you are surrounded by good-looking people…right?

4. Don’t stand out of the crowd.

Don’t stand out of the crowd
Try to be properly dressed for the place and avoid looking like Jack sparrow or Willy Wonka to locals. It might make it difficult for you to break the ice with locals and could also result in unwanted attention.

5. Take the road less taken.

Take the road less taken
Take out some time to explore the place which doesn’t come under the category of “Tourist Attractions” be it local markets, Parks or restaurants. These places are comparatively cheaper for shopping and eating out. Who knows? You might end up finding something really awesome.

So next time you plan a trip Keep your checklist with you.

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