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You may be consuming a lot of ultra-processed and high oily foods – few of the major reasons to have gained a lot of weight. Not to forget about the sugary beverages that’s adding more pounds to your body every day. But when you have already decided to get rid of that tough fat from your body, you definitely need to take a look at your eating habits first. Your obesity can single-handedly be taken care of by altering eating habits. In fact, simple dietary changes can play an essential role in melting fat. While no single food can melt […]

Are you constantly getting tired, anxious and frustrated when you are at work? If so, then you probably be suffering from work-related stress. Stress at work is often the single biggest reason people get into different health issues. However, stress at work is so common that finding a low-stressed job may be quite tough or impossible for people. Fortunately, over the years research has uncovered some good strategies to deal with the increasing stress at the workplace. Let’s take a look at the four simple yet effective ways to manage stress at work. 1. Organize Your Workplace and Schedule Taking […]

The identification of a certain microorganism is extremely crucial to tell if there is a certain medication or treatment required to eradicate that disease in the human body. Medical science has been using a variety of techniques combining the aspects of engineering and CT scan is one of the prime examples of that. It stands for computerized tomography which involves passing of X-rays through the different parts of your bodies. The resultant is output on the screen of the pictures of your bones and tissues within the concerned area. It differs from X-ray scans as it takes multiple images from […]

Introduction Self-control is normally used to define a favorable personality trait in people. But what is self-control and why is it crucial? This article will share some self-control tips and how you can pass them to your kid. Self-control is a battle between doing what’s beneficial or right and impulsivity. It is the ability to control behaviors, impulses or emotions to attain a greater goal. A major example of self-control is when people are trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and lose weight. It can be very daunting to refuse some dinner or lunch, but those who have […]

With more and more women leaving it for later to have babies. Some do so to follow a carrier or due to delay in finding a suitable partner to settle down to raise a family. Whatever the reason, more and more couples are having problems in conceiving a baby at later ages. How Poor Ovarian Reserve Matters? Poor ovarian reserve leads to decrease in reproductive potential, which leads to infertility. Poor ovarian reserve leads usually to menopause, but the changes vary from woman to woman. No treatment can improve ovarian reserve, but women can take the help of assisted reproductive […]

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