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Encourage memory formation and learning – Save study time – your brain will work hard to solidify memories while you sleep. Regulates mental and emotional Health – sleep helps you overcome challenges with more resilience. Keeps Your Immune System Strong – You’re more likely to get sick when you’re not asleep, which can mean missing out on social activities, classes, and other important events. Supports […]

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Everyone in this world experiences some form of work-related stress, but women face it more as compared to men since they’re usually managing a career and home life. There are a variety of reasons that add up to the psychological stresses and emotional distress that women face regularly. The notable societal pressures to always say “yes” and be attentive during social calls, the weight of […]

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If you’ve ever attempted a good workout as a smoker, you probably fell well short of the mark. You simply can’t perform at optimal levels with chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals running through your bloodstream and tar coating your lungs. The body and its muscles need good, clean oxygen in order to function properly, and smoking severely inhibits the body’s ability to breathe, exchange, and […]

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From upper back stretches to lower back pains, the number of issues regarding your back is very common, especially if you fall in the age group of thirty to sixty and above. Nervous irritation, inflammation, spasms and sprains on muscles, slipped disc, spinal stenosis and other spinal abnormalities are some of the common reasons due to which you might need back pain treatment. In this […]

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Hooded eyes are those where the upper eyelid area is visibly less due to an additional layer of skin on the brow bone drooping over the crease. The eyelids have a narrower space because the skin on the brow bone touches the lashline when eyes are open. This condition is common in a number of people, either by birth or with aging. For females, it […]

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