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Part of taking care of your family involves looking for a good family doctor. Selecting a good doctor whom you can trust with your family’s health concerns can be a daunting process. You deserve a doctor, you can turn to anytime when a health emergency comes up or when the preventive routine check-ups are due. Here’s how to find one. References Referrals are a great place to start looking for a family doctor. You could inquire from trusted sources such as friends, family members, neighbors, and workmates. Chances are that they have a few contacts from their networks who could […]

The recession-proof Indian wedding market continues its stride owing to the increasing number of marriages each year. At present, approximately 10 to 12 million marriages take place each year and thus, this industry is growing by a whopping 25-30% each year. By 2018, this sector was worth about Rs. 27,932 Crore and hence created immense scope for wedding organisers and those investing in this industry. Arranging for finances to fund the varied expenses involved in this sector often takes a toll on the savings of individuals. Following this financial crunch situation, multiple lenders offer advances that come with high-value loan […]

Most probably in between the age of 35 to 44 people usually lose their teeth in an accident, gum diseases, tooth decay and a failed root canal and by the age of 75, 28% of adults lost all of their permanent teeth. According to George Pegios Almost 20 years ago, fixed dentures and permanent removal of teeth was the only solution for retaining your eating ability and fetch your smile back. These solutions however are not the appropriate solutions to fix such dental issues and could result in developing other oral problems. Removable dentures are not permanent fixes inside your […]

Many people think of dental health as separate from general health, but the fact of the matter is that your dental hygiene can directly impact your overall health. This is primarily because bacteria that congregate in your mouth can spread to other parts of your body if you don’t take proper care of your teeth, leading to a variety of infections and diseases. Here are four of the ways in which poor dental hygiene can negatively affect your body’s overall health: Heart Disease Some newer research is now suggesting that bacteria originating in your mouth can travel to your heart […]

Sleeping is essential for restoring the proper functioning of both the mind and the body. And that is not restricted to just the adults and the children. It is true for the elderlies as well. Seniors, in fact, need just as much sleep as the adults which is 7-9 hours. But the sleep architecture changes with age. This can give rise to trouble while falling asleep. From Sleep Apnea to Insomnia, the seniors can be affected by anything. This situation can worsen if the person is taking medication or is suffering from any other kind of chronic ailment. This can […]

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