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  • Choosing From Different Types Of Industrial Fence Panels

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As far as security of your industrial property is concerned, industrial fence panels can come as heavy-duty fencing for your premises. They provide as ultimate security barriers for high-traffic industrial areas, such as retail centres, storage units, schools, hospitals, factories and others. They do their best to keep your property protected from unwanted guests and intruders. Not only this, they keep animals off your property, and keep your storage unit, residential complex or commercial perimeter safe from illegal entry. For installation of your desired fencing panels, contact these fencing contractors in Sydney. Let’s find out more about these panels.

Things to Look for in Industrial Fence Panels:

There are several things you need to look for in the fence panels around your industrial premises. Some of them are:

  • They should enhance the aesthetic appeal of your industrial property
  • They should keep intruders, vandals and thieves away from your premises
  • They should provide improved access control to your site
  • They should provide enhanced security to your property
  • They should act as weather barriers for your properties during adverse climatic conditions
  • They should be almost impossible to climb
  • They should be easy to install on an uneven ground surface too
  • They should have low-maintenance needs
  • They should be cost-effective and durable
  • They should be customisable, so that you can add some extra security features to them

Types of Industrial Fence Panels

There are so many types of fence panels available out there. However, the one you choose largely depends on the look you want and the level of security you desire. Some of the most common options include:

  • Timber fencing:

Timber fencing can be created in the form of log walling, knee rail fencing, acoustic fencing and others. Although they are not as sturdy as their counterparts, they look good and create a solid look around your property. They are cost-effective too, but they need high maintenance and they are not as durable as other materials.

industrial fence panels melbourne

Industrial Fence Panels Melbourne

  • Chain link fencing:

This kind of fencing is very flexible, it can be fixed to concrete or metal posts, and can be extremely effective in making boundaries and providing security. Although these industrial fence panels do not look very good, they can be made to look better with plastic coating or galvanisation. Security level can be further enhanced by installing razor or barbed wire on top of it.

  • Heras fencing:

This often provides as a temporary form of fencing that is easy and quick to install and uninstall. It is often used at events to control crowd and deter public from crossing boundaries. However, there are anti-climb, heavy-duty models also available that you can install at your industrial site.

  • Metal fencing:

Metal is a more durable material to secure your site for a long time. Although they may be a little costlier to buy and install, they are permanent, durable and sturdier. You may also paint them in your desired colour and customise them to enhance the security level, such as by installing barbed wire on top of it.

  • Mesh fencing:

Mesh is attractive to look at and provides medium level security to your industrial premise. Available in a variety of colours, mesh proves to be an attractive fence that allows people to peep in without reducing security.

  • Palisade fencing:

This is an expensive fencing option that is often installed in places that require strong protection against vandals and thieves. Available in a variety of finishes, colours and heights, these industrial fence panels are attractive and flexible. You can add to their security by installing razor wire or triple pointed spikes on top of them.

Industrial fence panels have been used for centuries to provide privacy and keep intruders out of industrial premises. We have given you an idea of what things you need to consider while choosing the fencing for your property, and the different kinds of fences that you can choose from. Depending on your requirements and preferences, choose a fencing that best suits your purpose and budget.

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