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Are you a woman in tech looking for ways to stay inspired and empowered as you continue your career path? Are you seeking guidance from fellow female trailblazers who have come before you? Look no further! We’ve got ten must-read books that can be a great source of knowledge, motivation, and passion for women in technology. Take some time out of your day to explore these resources and get ready to take on whatever challenge comes next.

Here is a collection of ten books that will surely foster knowledge, passion, and drive. Dive deep into these must-reads for an enlightening experience.

“Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown

dare to lead

Dare to Lead

In her book “Dare to Lead,” Brené Brown profoundly asserts that vulnerability is the gateway to cultivating bravery and invigorating creativity. By granting oneself permission for imperfection, you can break through your limits and generate essential dialogue with co-workers. For one’s leadership capabilities to excel, it is necessary to accept your emotions in order to build courage and strength when facing adversity.

“Power Up” by Magdalena Yesil

power up

Power Up

In Magdalena Yesil’s inspiring book Power Up, she makes a compelling argument for why women should never let the difficulty of shattering glass ceilings in the technology and business industries stop them from achieving their dreams. This is an invitation to trust yourself during difficult times, ensuring that your voice gets heard, and creating opportunities even when they seem unreachable. The New Economy offers limitless potential where each person can find their own definition of success—so believe in yourself and power up!

“Innovating Women” by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya

innovating women

Innovating Women

If female tech professionals strive for success and want to equip themselves with the necessary resources for overcoming any potential hurdles, it is pivotal that they acknowledge and understand these difficulties. To help them comprehend those thoroughly, we strongly suggest reading Innovating Women by Vivek Wadhwa and Faria Chideya which exposes how even today’s technology industry is still a boys’ club. This book seeks to honor extraordinary women who conquer challenges each day. They are outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders in academia, and driving forces of the community – all while being mothers. Additionally, it explores today’s tech industry with the intention of raising awareness of its inequalities.

“Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez

invisible women

Invisible Women

Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women is a must-read. It not only informs but also inspires and kindles your drive to help women in tech surge forward. With this book, you’ll gain insight into the importance of data bias in an environment crafted for men. Allow yourself to be moved by this book that will fuel your courage to strive toward gender equality!

“Show Your Worth” by Shelmina Babai Abji

show your worth

Show Your Worth

Gaining insight from a triumphant female in tech is, without a doubt, an excellent way to feel inspired. Shelmina Babai Abji’s book “Show Your Worth” offers outstanding advice on how to respond to conscious and unconscious workplace biases, as well as providing 8 Intentional Strategies that will help you unlock your unique value-add and land the career of your dreams – even if no one else in the room looks like you! This incredible “manual” is both inspirational and informative; it gives readers, especially women of color, the courage they need for reaching success within this environment.

“Inclusion” by Perrine Farque



Seeing a powerful female leader stand up for inclusion will make you strive to collaborate in the same fight. To further feel empowered, just take time to read “Inclusion” by Perrine Farque. Through this book, you’ll explore how having an inclusive atmosphere can increase organizational productivity and achievement – regardless of your position or authority in the business. Remember that everyone has a role when it comes to creating culture!

“Inclusive Intelligence” by Furkan Karayel

inclusive intelligence

Inclusive Intelligence

Furkan Karayel’s book “Inclusive Intelligence” offers an enlightening exploration into how to foster a more pleasant work environment through diversity and inclusion. By illuminating the rewards of being inclusive, this vital guide details the pathways that can be taken in order to become exemplary leaders within their fields. Not only is it possible for companies to achieve success with these tools – they should attempt such strides sooner rather than later as inclusive intelligence is viewed by Karayel as a journey, not an endpoint.

“Customer Success Mindset” by Jyo Shukla

customer success mindset

Customer Success Mindset

In her book, “Customer Success Mindset”, Jyo Shukla spotlights how customer success is essential for business expansion. Interestingly enough, only a few companies have a dedicated customer success team. The strategies presented in this book will guide you on your journey to ensure that the customers’ needs come first and drive your company toward further growth.

“Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story” by Miri Rodriguez

brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling

With Miri Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller at Microsoft as your guide, you will learn how to evaluate and re-construct a brand story that is fuelled by authenticity and intuition. You will also be able to map out an approach for successful customer connection through emotional engagement and the setting of aligned objectives. As a result, you can strengthen your bond with customers over time instead of merely relying on short-term strategies in order to influence them temporarily.

“Unapologetically Ambitious” by Shellye Archambeau


Unapologetically Ambitious

As a woman in tech, you know that achieving success is not an easy feat. You’re faced with issues such as gender bias and the scarcity of mentors who can guide your way to the top. Despite this, it’s far from impossible! Shellye Archambeau helps you realize that dream by providing strategies for reaching your professional goals within her book “Unapologetically Ambitious”. She throws light on why self-determination and assistance are indispensable components of personal and professional achievements – while offering tips on how we can integrate them into our lives accordingly.

As you embark on any professional venture, especially one as daunting as entering a traditionally male-dominated space such as technology, never underestimate the power of staying motivated and empowered. We hope these specially chosen books have piqued your intrigue and will motivate you to be a leader in creating change and sharing your story as a woman in tech.

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