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Medical science has seen a success rate like no other field in the past few years. Although several issues continue to persist, there have been many that have been tackled. One of them went by the name of lichen sclerosus and was a disease that could be controlled by using cream but had no specific cure for it. However, the laser technique of the modern era has made it possible with significant results tilting towards the favor of eliminating the disease from your body completely.

Getting Information on the Disease

Treatment is crucial but what is more important is to get the symptoms right to diagnose an issue correctly. This will help the medical experts in taking the right decision towards the healing process. People of any age can be a victim of the disease, although the statistics show that women who have crossed the age of 50 are more likely to develop it.

The effects of lichen sclerosus include itchiness or turning the skin into white color. The skin would also look it has been crinkled and will have blood coming out of it if you try to scratch the affected area. It has also been observed that the most commonly affected part is the vagina and it could spread up to the anus. In men, the effects of lichen sclerosus could be seen generally in the penis or on their foreskin. The earlier techniques were not effective in the Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus as it could only reduce the overall effects of it. People had to suffer for weeks or months before they could get rid of their frustration and the cream was only there to tone down the problems that the disease was causing. However, with the changing times, there have been better methodologies that are invented that can help in complete removal of the disease from your body. One of them is called the lichen sclerosis laser surgery.

What is the Laser Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus?

A doctor might not immediately prescribe you to go for laser surgery, and even those experts who have done extensive research in the field believe that a patient must try to go for the cream-based method first. If there is no significant improvement through that process, a medical practitioner can suggest a carbon dioxide laser surgery for lichen sclerosus.

However, you must be careful since the surgery would not be advised if you have fungal or bacterial infection or chances of neoplasia. The recommendation is always given after a thorough investigation of your medical history and a complete analysis of the affected area.

Process Involved:

A carbon dioxide laser is used in the process as it can enter the skin layer called the epidermis quite easily. Before the process can start, a cream is applied on the affected region that serves as anesthesia but is taken off completely since it tends to absorb the laser.

It is not a single day process since a patient is required to attend a minimum of three sessions. In most cases, these many sessions are enough but based on the progress made; a doctor could change the number. These are usually carried out within a timeframe of roughly one and a half month. Despite the process being a revolution, the lichen sclerosus affected area could take a fair amount of time before it completely heals. The power of the laser is determined by several parameters but mostly depends on the thickness of your skin. If your skin is thin, a lower power laser can easily penetrate through your epidermis whereas high power lasers could also be used.


You are also required to be careful once you have undergone surgery. The doctors will tell you what you are expected to not and what you should avoid but there are certain general advises that is given to all the patients. You must not take any hot baths for at least three days after your surgery. The same applies to any sexual activity. You are also supposed to avoid using cortisone for at least a fortnight after you have been treated with the lichen sclerosus laser surgery. These are the mandatory requirements after each session.

Post your sessions; you will also start to see that the area that was itchy and looked white has started to come off. In cases where the itchiness continues to persist, doctors have advised continuing using cortisone, but this is only to be applied once you have had a word with doctor. You do not want to use it on your own or scratch your skin after there have been attempts made to heal it. Even after the area is completely back to normal, you are required to stay constantly in touch with your medical advisor and need to visit them every six months until asked to stop, to be able to keep a track on how the surgery has affected your area. This is important to avoid any unwanted growth of cells that caused the disease in the first place.

Final Verdict:

Science always believes in growth and therefore, there are always areas that it could improve upon and the situation is the same as the carbon dioxide laser surgery for lichen sclerosus. The laser that has been used so far has to be of a specific wavelength to avoid any harm to the skin. There might be effects such as scars on the skin or pigmentation, but these are not harmful. As mentioned, a thorough investigation of the patient’s medical history is crucial to avoid any other complications.

Therefore, the process has been extremely fruitful in recent times, but you will have to be aware of what happens. The Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus has been made possible, and if you have been too irritated with all the itchiness, you can consult your doctor to get completely rid of it.

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