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  • MBenzGram Answers All of Your Air Intake Questions

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Most of us press down on the accelerator and expect the car to move without thinking about why that happens, but there’s nothing wrong with developing a deeper understanding of how the things we use every day work. This article will explain the importance of automotive air intake systems so that anybody can understand them. If you are looking to invest in a new intake system, MBenzGram is the best place to go for all of your automotive needs.

What Does My Air Intake System Do?

All automobiles propel themselves through a consistent internal combustion reaction that produces the energy required to turn the car’s wheels. This reaction requires three key ingredients: fuel (the gasoline in your car), oxygen, and a spark. Luckily, the atmosphere contains nitrogen and oxygen, so you don’t have to fill up your oxygen tank like your gas tank. Your air intake system ensures that the correct amount of oxygen flows into your engine from outside your vehicle.

More specifically, air intake systems move air to your engine’s intake manifold, where it can be mixed with fuel, ignited with a spark, and sent to your vehicle’s engine cylinders to drive the energy reaction that ultimately moves your car (with the help of your transmission). If your engine didn’t have this constant oxygen supply, any movement would be sporadic and completely unusable.

What Are the Principal Components of an Air Intake System?

Most intake systems are comprised of three components: an air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. The air filter is a plastic or metallic box located near the throttle that looks like other filters you’ve seen in vacuum cleaners or HVAC systems. Its role is to remove dirt and other potential contaminants that may clog your system and compromise your vehicle’s performance.

The mass flow sensor is responsible for tracking how much air is flowing to your car’s engine. Modern vehicles use two different types: vane meters and hot wires. Vane meters have flaps that are pushed backward as air enters the system, allowing the meter to measure how much air came in. Hotwires work similarly but consist of electrical wires that produce a current reaction when air flows over them, allowing for the calculation of airspeed and mass based on the strength of the charge.

The throttle body controls your vehicle’s combustion rate and speed. Throttle bodies are hollow or bored housings holding a throttle plate rotating on a shaft. When you push down on the accelerator, your engine’s throttle plate opens and allows air into the engine. When you release it, the throttle plate closes and prevents oxygen from reaching the combustion chamber, stopping the reaction.

Why Would I Need a New Air Intake System?

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Question Mark Pile Questions Symbol

Since air intake systems are an essential component of the combustion process, your car simply won’t work if it stops functioning entirely. You may benefit from replacing it even if it hasn’t stopped working just yet. Older systems often have contaminants despite the best efforts of the air filter, compromising your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage. Similarly, your mass flow sensor and throttle may become less reliable as they age, leading to undesirable performance.

Alternatively, you may wish to invest in a cold air intake system. Cold air intake systems work similarly to the components described above, except that the air filter has heat shields to keep outside air noticeably cooler than the rest of the combustion environment. Cooler air has a higher oxygen density than warmer air, allowing for more efficient reactions that improve automotive performance. There are no downsides, installing a cold air intake system is a fantastic upgrade to consider.

If you have any further questions regarding your vehicle’s air intake system, the experts at MBenzGram would be happy to review your specific needs and provide personalized guidance on what you should do.

Why Should I Choose MB Gram for My Parts?

MBenzGram has specialized in racing and performance automotive parts since 2013, earning a reputation in the industry as the place to go if you want to upgrade your car. The company’s selection is unmatched, with over 11,000 intake parts in stock and ready to ship at any time. Furthermore, an expert customer service team will help you figure out the perfect part for your needs if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

That said, MBenzGram is more than an auto-part retailer. The company also maintains a vibrant community of 160,000+ car enthusiasts on Instagram, allowing individuals to share their projects with like-minded people throughout the United States and Europe.

MBenzGram also understands the value of your time and money and automatically applies a discount code for 10 percent off all online orders. You don’t have to pay the full retail price, nor do you need to waste hours trying to find a coupon code before completing your transaction. Free shipping is available as well.

If you are interested in learning more about MBenzGram or in connecting with an expert who can help you optimize your vehicle’s performance, contact the company online. You won’t regret it!

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