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  • 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Property Rights

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Has your Texas property been subjected to Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) regulations, limiting your property rights and affecting your ability to develop or use your land as you wish? Fear not, there is a solution—ETJ removal. With ETJ removal, you can reclaim your property rights and gain the freedom to utilize your land as you see fit. This blog post will outline six easy steps to ETJ removal in Texas, helping you to obtain the rights and property value you deserve.

Understand the ETJ Concept

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction regulations are territories outside incorporated municipalities that are subject to regulation by those same municipalities. Understanding the concept of ETJ and how it impacts your property rights is the first step to taking action. The size of an ETJ depends on the population of the municipality, and it can range from half a mile to five miles.

Contact the Relevant Municipalities

To initiate ETJ removal, you should contact the municipality to ascertain whether ETJ regulation applies to your property. You can then talk to the municipality about the possibility of ETJ Removal or the transfer of your property to another municipality.

Get Organized

Once you have identified the relevant municipality for your ETJ removal, you need to gather all necessary documentation regarding your property, including land surveys, deeds, and title policies. Ensure that everything is organized before you start the ETJ removal process.

Hire an Experienced Land Planner

Hiring a knowledgeable land planner can make the ETJ removal process easier and more efficient. A land planner can help you with the process of land planning and development, helping you comply with the various rules and regulations that come with the process.

Complete the Legal Process

Once your documents are ready, it is time to complete the legal process. A preliminary affidavit, survey, and other related records must be filed and approved by your municipality before they can be sent to the County Clerk. Once the County Clerk approves the documents, the municipality will rescind your property’s ETJ designation.

Celebrate Your Gain

Finally, once you have completed the legal process, it is time to celebrate your regained rights. You can now enjoy full property ownership, including the freedom to develop and use your land as you wish, without the restrictions of ETJ regulations.

The process of ETJ removal may seem daunting at first, but by following the six outlined steps, you can easily regain your property rights. With the help of a knowledgeable land planner and the right documents, you can avoid unnecessary complications and delays. With your new property rights secured, you can proceed in any manner you choose, whether it’s building your dream home or developing a business on your land. By understanding the ETJ concept and following the steps we have outlined, you can easily reclaim your property ownership and finally gain the freedom to use your land as you wish.

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