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What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital Marketing” is a phrase which is circulating freely a bit these days from one to another. The term is easy to call out but difficult to understand. Some say digital marketing is the subcategory of a marketing term, while others say it is an internet marketing based work.

According to Google’s point of view, Digital Marketing is developing a website which fulfills all guidelines given by it and placing on the first page with relevant keyword. Digital Marketing uses different platforms to place your website on the first page.

Some are:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
2) Social Media Optimization (SMO).
3) AdWords (PPC) Pay Per Click.
4) YouTube Marketing.
5) Email Marketing.

digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

When was Digital Marketing started?

Digital marketing term was spread in the year 1990 when the search engine was born. It was called Archie and it is an index for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites.

A fact to know:

Online advertising has arrived when a company named ‘Hotwired’ purchased banner ads for advertising.

Yahoo search engine launched in 1994, and since then people started searching required information on the web. From this time, professionals started talking about “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”.

1998 is the rising year of the most popular giant search engine called ‘Google’. It has created an incredible revolution in the society and got a foothold by giving competition to other search engines. Google released AdWords in the year 2000 which gave marketers the opportunity to advertise their products.

Why Digital Marketing?

There are several reasons why we have to choose Digital marketing.


Today, many companies are trying to tune-in with the Digital Marketing approach. Due to lack of clear strategic goals, knowledge of what can be done in terms of attaining deep relationships, how to get more traffic, and how to reach to market, these companies are not getting success in this world. In this case, Digital Marketing can show you the right path.

Don’t know about your online customers well enough:

Digital marketing is the most measurable medium ever. Google Analytics, Alexa, the Similar web will tell you only about a volume of visits to your website but not the visitor’s sentiment what they think. There are the other forms of website user feedback tools to identify your weak points and improve them.

It will help you optimize:

Every company will have analytics on their website but don’t have time to review and act on it. Digital Marketing is a strategy that will build testing your program ensuring continuous improvement. It will help clearly to set the goal that you can hit online. It provides a result of working and non-working things to make necessary changes. The strategy should not be complicated. To make it easy, you can start with one or two pages describing tactics, goals, KPIs.

This video may help you regarding Digital Marketing importance:

How to do Digital Marketing?

As I mentioned above, it uses different platforms:

Search Engine Optimization:

The Search engine is a piece of software that uses applications to collect information about the web page. Example: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

SEO works on two factors –

1) On page Optimization

2) Off-page Optimization

that helps your website development and promotions.

Social Media Optimization:

Since most of the users spend lots of time on Social media, you can promote your product making it more cost-effective. Example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


Running Google ads with relevant keywords for a website helps you to be on the first Page of Google maintaining more effective.

YouTube Marketing:

Creating a video and making it viral with creating skip or non-skippable video ads will also help you in promoting your product.

Email Marketing:

Collecting raw data and sending invitation emails to bulk with Mail merge tools like Mail Chimp, Mailer lite etc to attract the audience with attractive infographic images.

Deciding on Digital Marketing Strategy:

Based on the above discussion, Digital Marketing is more important aspect to connect with the users. It has shown approaches to get attached with customers. The study has also revealed that in order to utilize Digital Marketing in an effective way, you should plan in a smarter way. Currently, it became more important and popular that integrate all systems with Digital Platforms.

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