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  • What are Clickfunnels and How do They Work?

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The world of sales is truly ever evolving. It seems like each day that I start to research to hone my own techniques, I end up discovering something new. While there is of course a lot of information out there to parse through, hopefully this article can help you do that a bit faster than you would have on your own.

After all, I am here to report to you on some of the discoveries that I have made while reading! I will compact them all for you in this blog to help you get a better understanding of them as well. In particular, I will be dicussing click funnels and sales funnels and how we can apply them to our everyday business transactions.

What is a Sales Funnel, anyway?

I will start here, since I think explaining this will be the crux of you being able to get the information I would like to impart to you today. We all know the point of sales is to convince a customer to buy our product. How does this happen, though?

The most important thing to keep in mind right off of the bat is that this process is not an instantaneous one. Rather, it happens in stages, and we need to be cognizant of that. That is where the sales funnel was born.

In terms of the resources that I used, here is one of them: After all, knowing that we can trust who we are listening to is a good thing, right? As someone who has been a sales rep for several different companies, I have noticed a marked shift in my success rate once I started to implement this sort of model into how I approched things.

guy with laptop, tea cup, pen and book on table

Guy with Laptop, Tea Cup, Pen and Book on Table

Most of us are likely already aware of how the internet has changed the business world irrevocably, in some ways that we do not even fully understand yet. Sometimes changes occur so deep beneath the surface they are hard to perceive. That being said, it is still key that we acknowledge that it is happening.

In particular, digital marketing has had an enormous impact on businesses across the globe. Honestly, it is getting to the point where if you do not have a digital presence, you are doing something wrong with your company. Brands have social media accounts and post funny memes and go viral all the time, and it is a huge part of establishing that brand recognition.

Breaking Down the Funnel

Given what I have already mentioned, hopefully it is clear to you why that is important. If not, though, do not worry. The main factor here has to deal with the parts of the funnel, which I will get into further now. The first stage is sometimes called “ToFu,” which stands for target audience.

If that makes little sense to you right now, that is okay. When it comes to the sales funnel, I do think it is critical to go step by step down it so that we can get a good idea of each of them. So, what does target audience entail, then?

website browsing on mobile phone illustration

Website Browsing on Mobile Phone Illustration

For the most part, it all comes down to identifying who this would be. You might have an idea of this already, or not have it narrowed down yet. Either way, that is okay. What matters is that you initiate the process of determining who your target audience should be.

Let me offer an example (I tend to learn best this way). Let us say that you are a company selling baby food. It would be a waste of money to start to advertise to people who do not have children or who never want to have them, right? So, obviously, they are not within our target demographic.

Parents or soon-to-be parents are probably the consumers that we should be outreaching to in this example. With that being said, you can customize this to whatever products or services that you are offering. Then, you can move to the next part of the funnel.

This is often referred to as “MoFu,” or the middle of the funnel where potential customers end up. More often than not, these are consumers who are a part of that target demographic that I touched upon above. When they enter this stage, it is typically the time to start incorporating other sales techniques that you know, such as the ones in this blog post.

announcement illustration

Announcement Illustration

So, what is the final stage then? It is known as “BoFu,” or bottom of the funnel where the sale is made. This is where it will be important to reincorporate the messaging that you showed in the first two parts and hopefully make a good impression so that they will be repeat customers as well.

Some of the Conventions: What to Know

There are some typical conventions that many companies operate with when it comes to sales, so I would like to highlight them to conclude this blog today. What are some things that we should keep in mind as representatives? I am sure that you already know some of them.

One thing that I like to point out is that we should be demonstrating the value of our product or service to our customers at every stage that they progress in on the sales or click funnel. This tends to engender higher levels of trust, meaning that they will be more likely to end up making the purchase.

In addition to that, it is not uncommon or unusual for a rep to have to impart a message on behalf of the business or company several times before a consumer starts to trust that message. So, do not be discouraged if you find that to be the case. If they are willing to listen more than once, you are probably on the right track!It can be tricky to adopt new techniques, but once we get the hang of them, they are certainly worth it.

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