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  • What Can You Buy With Bitcoin And Other Digital Currencies?

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You’ve been building up your digital bank account and you are itching to spend something. The rewards are large and when you have invested smartly, you can cash out big amounts.

A big point of investing is to spend. Cash just sitting around in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could be going into so much and you may not even know. This article will therefore look into some of the goods and services your digital currencies can go into.

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What You Can Purchase With Your Cryptocurrencies

Just to let you know, bitcoin is the most commonly accepted currency at the moment. However, it’s also important to realise how much the market fluctuates and changes.

This means things can change and open up at any point.

  • Travel websites – Online travel sites such as Expedia accept bitcoins as a form of payment.
  • Numerous small companies – There are plenty of small businesses that run independently which are opening up to bitcoins. These can be anything from burger vans to coffee shops, you’ll be surprised at how popular this form of payment is becoming. However, it’s important to note that the charges may be high. This is the one thing standing in the way of cryptocurrencies being used as the go-to payment method.
  • Shopify is another platform that will allow crypto payments.
  • Websites such as WordPress are accepting bitcoin.
  • Some shopping platforms are also enabling Bitcoin such as so now customers can buy goods via cryptocurrencies.
  • PC gaming service Steam is allowing Bitcoin payments.
  • You will often find that gambling websites are also becoming more open towards the digital way of paying. Many casinos such as New York State Lotto will give players the chance to play with crypto.
  • Believe it or not, even the funeral trade is getting on the bandwagon. You can purchase some coffins and cremation services through bitcoin.
  • Various gift card services online will accept Bitcoin.
  • Look for the crypto credit card sign – You will find that anywhere accepting Bitcoin credit cards will allow you to purchase with this cryptocurrency.
  • There are some restaurant chains that are opening up to Bitcoin too. Depending on your location and where you want to go to, you can find the odd Burger King or pizza chain that will accept it.

Now you know a few of the things you can spend your investments on, it raises the level of excitement and real-life aspect of the cryptocurrency. This is just the tip of the iceberg and plenty more websites and platforms will be opening up to Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership of Mediabuzzer.

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