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  • Why Cats Make the Best Pets for Homeowners

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  • Published Date: May 10, 2023
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Featured Image Caption: Cute Cat Giving Pose | Image Credit: @catswithaura

For some people, completing a home renovation project or making a house feel like a home is doable by adding a pet or two. Cats are certainly a popular choice for many of us, with our feline chums being an attractive pet to own for many homeowners around the world. Cats are arguably the best pets to have, too.

After all, us humans have always had an interest and an affinity with cats. It’s, therefore, entirely understandable that we’d then eventually want to add a cat to the family. Cats have been featured prominently in cartoons and movies over the years; much-loved movies like Tom & Jerry helped add some comical value to our kitty friends, the Lion King pulls at our heartstrings, and even the success of games like Panther Moon highlights the intrigue around big cats, such as panthers and lions, as people look for games with a strong focus on feline fun. Given these various forms of media, plus the fact that millions of people on Earth own cats anyway, it means that people are opening themselves up to bringing a cat into their family.

Of course, some people also prefer dogs or owning a fish, but cats make the best pets for many homeowners. Here’s why below.

Cats make the best companions

For many cat owners, it’s a myth that all cats want is to be fed and then left alone. Of course, cats require feeding and they’ll bug you for food if they’re hungry, but they also require cuddles and regular doses of attention. It’s common for cats to snuggle up in bed with homeowners, they’ll make you laugh with some of their silly antics, and they’ll always want to be near you if you form a solid relationship with your feline friend. There’s a reason why cats are such popular pets, and it isn’t because people simply enjoy feeding them and then leaving them alone.

Cats are the ideal pets for apartment owners

If you’re worried about disrupting the neighbors with a loud dog or a noisy bird, then adding a cat to your flat is a great option. Cats are quiet, therefore making them less likely to annoy your neighbors. They also won’t wake you up in the middle of the night or early in the morning demanding food, and they’re usually allowed in apartment blocks, given their low maintenance and peaceful behavior. For apartment owners, in particular, cats are a fantastic option.

They’ll keep your home free of any pests

One of the many benefits of owning a cat is that it’ll keep your home free of any pests, such as rats and mice. Additionally, cats have been known to hoover up any spiders or a selection of other nasties that people typically don’t like finding in their haven. Cats are natural predators after all, with their hunter instinct ready to kick in as and when required.

Cats are hilarious sleepers

sleeping tom cat

Sleeping Tom Cat | Image Credit: @reactjpg

It’s no secret that cats sleep a lot. We humans would undoubtedly do the same if all we were getting was constant cuddles, affection, food and a comfortable place to stay! What many people don’t realize, though, is that cats are still incredibly alert when they’re sleeping, with kitties capable of hearing and smelling while they have a kip, ready to pounce and protect their territory as and when necessary. As such, given their relatively light sleeping habits, cats can be funny sleepers.

Cats are photogenic

We live in a modern environment where people take photos for social media platforms. Thankfully, if you’re keen on Instagram and TikTok, then owning a cat will help you create the very best content as they’re extremely photogenic.

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