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  • Want to Adopt a Parrot? Here is What You Should Consider

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Are you ready for a new pet? Looking for an intelligent companion that you can sort of talk to? A parrot could be an option. These feathered companions seem quite charming and entertaining when you think about them, but you should remember that they require quite a bit of pet care. If you’re considering getting a parrot for your household, you should be ready for the responsibilities that come with your feathery friend. Here are a few of the most important things you should remember before adopting a parrot.

They need attention

Parrots are intelligent and social animals, and they thrive in stimulating environments where they can interact with birds or people. Leaving them all alone in a cage for extended periods can harm them. They’ve been known to engage in destructive behavior, like plucking their feather for example. This tends to happen when they don’t get enough attention and engagement.

Parrots have a playful nature and love being talked to. Ignoring them for a while might leave them depressed for a long time. If you’re thinking about getting a parrot for your family, make sure that you have enough time to interact with it. Getting the food and pet products it needs isn’t quite enough in a parrot’s case. Consider whether or not you can provide adequate attention to your feathery friend, as you would otherwise be harming them. If you want to make sure that your parrot receives enough attention, consider letting it out of its cage from time to time or taking it to the nearby park.

It’s a long commitment

Pet owners should understand that every pet is a long commitment, but birds tend to be even longer ones. Some pet bird species can live for up to a hundred years, and that means you’re going to have a bird for quite a while if you take care of it properly. Adding a bird like a parrot to your family means you’re in for the long haul.

Even some of the smaller species of parrot can live for up to a decade. If you’re getting one for your child, you should think about the massive commitment that you’re giving them. If they decide to go to college or move far away, their parrot will still need attention. As a result, you might end up taking care of the parrot after all.

Other pets can make a difference

If you’re wondering whether or not you can have other pets alongside your parrot—you absolutely can! It’s worth noting that while parrots can get along with a lot of pets, you should still be cautious. Cartoons did get something right—Cats won’t always get along with your parrot. There can be animosity between them, and they might attack each other. This goes for every type of pet, and you should tread carefully when introducing your parrot to other pets.

Consider supervised interactions for a start. Hold both pets and see how they react upon seeing each other for the first time. Take it to step by step and use your best judgment to figure out when and how they should interact. Normally, they’ll get used to one another in a month or two, however, on rare occasions you might have to decide between keeping your parrot or your other pet.

There will be noise

If you like your peace and quiet, a pet parrot might not be the most ideal choice. These birds are loud, and they like to vocalize as often as possible. Whether it’s the early morning or late night, you will occasionally hear from your pet bird.

Don’t think that you can avoid this, as parrots are quite loud. Many people make the mistake of leaving their parrots in dark rooms so that they keep quiet. Taking your parrot to a dark corner on special occasions when you need silence is fine. However, if you overdo this, soon you’ll end up having a depressed parrot with a doleful face. If you don’t mind the noise, and you can power through it, you shouldn’t have issues taking care of your parrot.

Cleaning up is a must

While birds aren’t the most unsanitary pets around, cleaning up after them can be somewhat challenging. Their cages can get messy, and they might spread their food around while flapping their wings.

It’s not uncommon for the scattered food to attract pests like insects. In these scenarios, it helps to have the number of a pest control service ready. Care must be taken when applying pesticides to your parrot’s room. Parrots are highly sensitive to pesticides and you’ll put them in great danger if you do not consult an expert before attempting to spray its room. If you start having pest problems due to the parrot’s food flying around, consider getting a bigger cage for your pet birdie.

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