• 5 of the Worst Reasons to Do a Master’s Degree

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When you are through with your first degree and you intend to go for your master’s degree straight away, in most cases, it is not a smart decision in most cases. Do you really need a post-graduate degree? This is a question that you must ask yourself before pursuing a post-graduate course of study.

We have five reasons for pursuing a post-graduate degree below for the wrong reasons. If your reason for pursuing a post graduate is one of the reasons listed below, then you are wasting your time.

When you want to put off being an adult

There is time for everything under the heavens. In a situation where you want to remain a student after your first degree and think the best way out is to go for your master’s, you are missing it. You are going to attend to a daily routine of tasks in your working career just as you have to deal with working on your homework and assignments while in university, so for this case, you have to ask the help from Class Taker which will provide the high-level quality assist on your courses and tasks. All have their individual challenges and there is time for each of them under the heaven.

Relying on a prestigious alumni

When you are relying on the pecks offered by prestigious alumni to get a job, you are missing out on it completely. The hefty tuition fees that you are going to pay for your master’s are not worth it. There are other ways of building a network out of the academic wall without paying much for it. When you intern with a company that you have a passion for and you make desired impressions, you are good to go!

The idea of killing time

Time is a perishable commodity that you must not joke with. If you think you are not ready for the challenge of high school and you think the best way to kill time is to go for your masters, you are making a big mistake. Try several jobs and get the desired exposure. You will surely come across a job that is meant for you. Avoiding the problem is like postponing the evil day.

The desire to work in academia?

While this is a brilliant idea in itself, it is best to try out working experience outside the academic. When you give yourself a break, you might get an opportunity better than what is obtainable in the ivory tower. Take your time out to try something outside academic first before you go back to academia.

Waiting out the recession

When you go for a masters because you want to wait out the recession, you are taking a big gamble that might hurt you at the end of the day. You have to cultivate the habit of keeping employment without losing faith until you hit gold. It will take an average college graduate several months to land their first job.


If your reason for pursuing a straight masters program is because of any of the reasons mentioned above, then you are missing the point.

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