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Natural sunlight is not only important for your health, but it also adds great value to your home. Often the lack of sunlight makes your home look dull. Even when the sun is shining bright outside, your packed home obstructs the daylight from coming in. It feels less energetic due to the shady atmosphere inside the home. So, what can you do to improve your house?

Buying a new home is definitely not an option here. What you can do here is to make a small extension in your home. This is where the Velux roof windows come in.

But why Velux? Well, I have got not only one, but six reasons for you to choose Velux roof windows.

1. Top-operated

Velux roof window is the only window in the market with the top operation facility. A top-operated roof window is not only easy to operate, you even get enough space to place your furniture directly under it. It will provide your house with the much needed natural sunlight by installing windows on your rooftop and Roof top Windows With eureka lighting goes best for Nights . Not only that, it will make the rooms appear brighter and bigger.

It doesn’t matter whether you are standing or sitting. With top-operated functionality, you get to see the better view from every angle. Control bar situated on the top makes it easier to close and open the window. Also, it has a center-pivot function so that you can easily clean the outer pane of the window.

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2. Remote operation

This is the perfect choice for out-of-reach installations. It comes with a control pad for the effortless operation of your windows.

With Velux electric roof window, you get to control windows remotely. Not only that you also get the solar or mains powered facility. You can also program them for automatic opening and closing as they come with high-tech sensors.

3. Flat roof

Flat roof windows come with 0-15 degree pitch. Velux flat roof window offers bubble shaped domed window that makes your room more elegant.

It comes with high durability as well as some other features. You can even choose whether you want a manual, fixed, or automatic operation. This is also an ideal choice if you want to Repair a Garage Door.

4. Sun tunnels

Let’s say you want natural lighting in compact areas of your home like stairwells, corridors, closets, for bathrooms. These areas are too small for regular roof windows to fit in.

Velux Sun tunnel has made this possible. It passes the natural light from roof to ceiling through specially designed tunnels. They are also easy to install as they come with the prefabricated light tunnel, and their low-profile design makes your roofline look sleek. On top of that, they also come with a 20-year tunnel warranty.

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5. Bottom-operated

This is the ultimate choice for those who want to install windows in a high position like with a high knee wall. You can easily operate it with an elegant handle fixed at the bottom for convenient use.

The bottom-operated window offers a great panoramic view. It is ideal for roof pitches between 15 to 55 degrees. It is also suitable for pitches between 55 and 70 degrees, but you will have to order special springs for that.

6. Roof terrace

The roof terrace provides an amazing floor to ceiling view and extra natural light. It is also a doorway to the outside terrace. You can even lift the window up so that you can use it as a roof window.

It is built directly into the lowest part of your roof so that you can make the most out of your unused roof space without having to compromise with inside space.

To make your room even more productive, you can also stick your custom signboards on the windows so that you can see the reflection of the signboards on the opposite wall due to sunlight passing through it.

Now, get rid of the darkness, let the natural light flow in through Velux roof windows, and start experiencing the effects of living in a true bright home.

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