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  • A Brief Study About The Dental Dentures- The Teeth Replacement

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Have you broken your teeth recently? Is your gum bleeding after you got punched in your face?

Did you fall that hard to have your front teeth crooked?

Do you want to have your premolars back like earlier days?

If it is a yes to all these questions, you are in a grave problem. You know that a major part of your cosmetic look is your teeth and the gums. There is a saying that a person’s face is enhanced with a proper dental arcade shape and structure. It means that your smile will be brightened with an even height of your teeth, a proper shape of the gum, no missing tooth and so on.

Just imagine having any of these dental features crooked or uneven. Do you think that your face will look good? With a missing tooth, can you eat everything you like? No, you cannot and that is why you need the best replacement solution- dentures.

What Are Dentures?

The best way to describe these elements is by explaining what they replace. If someone wants to replace a couple of teeth or the entire upper or lower set, he or she can ask for a denture which is nothing but a set of artificial teeth. If you want your gum to be replaced along with the teeth, you can customize the designs are based on your requirement. It is usually the job of a dentist to prepare these replacements.

The modern-day dentures are built with a variant of hard resin apart from the traditional making, though used less when new, upgraded are available. If you want a natural gum attachment with the teeth, this part will either be manufactured from resin or a polymer having resemblances.

What Is The Need Of Using A Denture?

Since we are talking about an essential dental solution, there are high chances that people will hesitate before saying a YES to their dentists. So, before you take any rash decision, you must know the benefits of implanting the dentures in your dental arcade.

  • Your self-confidence will increase greatly since your dental look will be improved.
  • There will not be any sort of restrictions on your food habits. Not only you will be able to hear of the claws of a crab easily but also there will be no more liquid diet.
  • Since there will not be any sort of broken tooth or misplaced gum, you will not be facing any kind of speaking problems like stammering or speaking in broken sentences.
  • You will not have to suffer from bleeding gums or other dental problems anymore.
  • The overall beauty of your face will be enhanced greatly.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Replacements?

types of dental replacements

Types of Dental Replacements

Now, since we have discussed the major conveniences of using dentures for the repair of your teeth and gum, you now need to know about the different forms of the replacements available in the market.

  • Traditional denture: this is the entire replacement design of a patient’s dental arcade i.e., the total thirty-two pairs of teeth and the gum.
  • Partial denture: this replacement is designed when the patient needs to replace most of his teeth in a jaw except a couple of them.
  • Custom denture: this is prepared based on a few teeth and hence the color and the shape of the denture is customized as per the patient’s original dental features. Depending on the oral structure and sizes of the teeth the shape is customized.
  • Implant supported denture: here an implant is used at the base of the teeth to support the denture replacement and hold it in place without the fear of dislocation.

Now you truly know a great deal about these dentures and how to use them. It will be up to you to choose the right replacement for your teeth and again gain that beauty and self-confidence.

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