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  • Affordable Property in Gurgaon – What It Means for Middle Class People

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Featured Image Caption: Mahira Affordable Homes in Gurgaon

There has been a flooding of affordable Real Estate projects in Gurgaon from past few years. Gurgaon has become one of the best places to live and work in, not only in Delhi NCR, but across the country in the last decade. The expanding real estate business in the city has resulted in increased number of investments in residential apartments. It is because of this growing demand for residential property, the most reputed builders have made available the most appropriate constructions to properly meet everyone’s need. Haryana government issued many licenses for builders to build their projects. It is a boon for the Aam Aadmi or the middle income group. At one-time Property prices were very high in Gurgaon and owning a home was just a dream for the middle and lower income group but now with affordable housing projects one can think and plan to buy a house.

mahira homes sohna road

Mahira Homes Sohna Road

If there is a place to buy a affordable apartment at present, it is Gurgaon. The real estate sector is expected to grow more in the coming years, which is going to be very beneficial for the people who are investing at the present moment of time. You can check apartments in mahira homes sohna road if you want to buy a apartment that is full of facilities and amenities and whose price will increase in the coming future. These apartments come with zero maintenance for 5 years, Excellent workmanship that lasts for years, High quality doors and windows, Kitchen that will make you proud, Provision of power and water back-up, State of the art contemporary construction and architecture, Well ventilated apartments with abundant natural lights and Exclusive Children and crèche area.

One of the main challenges faced by middle class buyers is the proximity to work locations. Several small homes and retail projects are launched in the metro cities and other commercially active cities. Though these projects are affordable, they do not give you convenient access to the central parts of the city where offices are located. Although there are some retail projects in Gurgaon located in prime location. ROF Galleria Dwarka Expressway is one such project where you will find beautiful society retail shops at the best commercial location of Gurgaon. On the other hand, homes that are closer to the city’s commercial area area are comparatively very expensive and out of the financial reach of middle class people. Developers must find a way between the two scenarios and build projects that are affordable as well as accessible.

rof galleria dwarka expressway

ROF Galleria Dwarka Expressway

Signs Influencing Middle class people when they look for a home: –

1. Debt-Free Scenario

The people who are living a debt-free life are the ones ready for home buying. The debt here means outstanding credit card bills, insufficient funds in account, defaulter, irregular taxpayers, and unstable monthly income. You are ready to buy a home if you are not facing any of these issues.

2. Stable Job

Jobs are uncertain. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when you became professionally stable. This time period in your career is the perfect time to invest in property. Yes, it is an investment because apart from residing there you can also resale the property.

3. Sufficient Funds

Many people have the problem of insufficient funds. But, having a stable total in your bank account is one of the signs that you are ready to buy home. It is so because we have to pay some amount for booking a home. Although, the banks nowadays offer different types of home loans. But, if you have enough money to pay token amount then this is a perfect time to purchase a property.

4. Increase in Salary

The increase in your salary means that you can now afford better things and more EMIs. So, now can buy a home with ease.

5. Higher Credit Score

The credit score depends on your financial credibility. So, if your credit score ranges from somewhere between 500 to 700 points in the credit score table then this is the perfect time to buy home.

6. Habitual Savers

Most of us have the habit of saving a particular amount every month. The motive behind this is to empower our self financially. Thus, you can easily pay the required EMI.

7. Knowing Your Affordability

We all clearly know how much we can afford to spend. So, if you think you can afford home loan too along with your regular expenses you can buy a property or your dream home.

Affordable homes as per the requirements of middle class people are more needed than wanted. It is good for the buyers as well as for the developers. Such homes are more or less immune to tendencies as the demand for it is very high. The investors also have an eye on affordable luxury products of the real estate market that are attracted by the high demand and growth prospects. It is also a great way for the developers to create their brand image in the middle class people and to stand immune to the fluctuations in market. Hence, this is the perfect time for them to launch their projects and for investors and users to buy them.

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