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  • Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Development

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While developing a new website for your business, it is extremely vital to conduct a thorough testing of the site and check all its functionality, content and design. Doing proper quality assurance of course helps to avoid costly oversights, any broken functionalities or even embarrassing errors. Now, every web development company should have their own specific QA process, but here in this blog, I will share with you a checklist to double check the work to maintain high quality before you can launch the site successfully.

Set Up SSL and Secure Your Domain:

With web development, you also have to acquire a domain name that best presents what your website is all about. With domain hoarding on the rise, shortlisting your domain may be very expensive in case you wait too long. An SSL certification is very important to consider as Google gives special importance to sites having an SSL certificate. Though most websites don’t use it, but it gives our site an SEO boost over your competitors.

Plan for Scripts and Languages:

Based on the specific requirements of your project, you will have to choose the best script and languages that you need to employ for coding of the given project. This also depends on the scripts or languages that you are most comfortable with. If in case, you love to use WordPress or Drupal, then PHP should be your preferred language.

Map Out the Design Preferences:

Web development should not be considered as an isolated process. Whatever your project is, it will always involve some levels of design expertise and the design considerations belong to the web development checklist. Make sure that your designers talk to you and discuss the plan before starting with the project. If in case you are coding a WordPress theme, then it’s important to discuss the theme’s PSD files and design with them so that the entire team is on the same page.

Consider Any External Tools Required:

The market offers many amazing tools and services that can add rich functionalities to your site and improve your web development workflow. MailChimp or Mandrill are some services that you may need to send out emails to your clients on a regular basis. By making a list of requirements that your web development project needs, you can make a list of tools and services that can help you to reduce the workload and also save efforts and time.

Error Handling Strategy:

Even the best software development coders can have major errors or bugs sometimes. When your codes contain them, you should be prepared to readily handle them and fix them, so that your project don’t suffer. Web development is an ongoing process, and so if you have the expertise to build a great website or tool today, you will obviously need to maintain and update it in the coming future.

Security Settings Optimized:

Security plays an integral role in web development. Without proper security strategy, the website will always be vulnerable to the unauthorized users and hackers. With millions of websites compromised due to poor security, web developers should have a plan to ensure that the data is well protected and there is no compromise done on the security issues of the site.

Create an XML Sitemap:

Maintaining an XML sitemap is very important for your SEO strategy. Without a sitemap, your website won’t be indexed, as the search engines will not be able to crawl it properly. Do ensure that the XML sitemap is there in your checklist so that you can implement them properly for the benefit of your website.

The above points are very important to consider if you are willing to have a smooth and well performing site.

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