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  • Best Time to Visit Kufri

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Kufri is the unquestionable, heavenly hill station nestled perfectly in the laps of the Himalayas. It is a peaceful town that is perched on the height of 2743 m from sea level. Before you make a trip to this exceptional paradisal place, make sure to have an idea on the best time of the visit. Kufri experiences temperate climate all through the year. This means, the weather there is at its extremes along with the precipitation. The seasonal change that occurs from summer to winter is quite revitalizing. People usually prefer visiting this place in the summer months, which is from April to June. The weather remains pleasant with cool winds, and the temperature ranges from 19 to 22 degrees centigrade.

  • Most Preferable season

The second preferable season is monsoon as during this period Kufri receives intermittent rainfall and thus, drags down the mercury to somewhere around 10 to 15 degrees centigrade. Globetrotters who can bear this cold can certainly make a visit the heavenly town and experience the bliss of nature. Planning a trip during this season is complete value for money as most of the hotels and restaurants start providing offers and discounts. This happens mainly due to the reason of the decreasing numbers of tourists as most people do not prefer such climates.

kufri trip best season

Kufri Trip Best Season

  • The season for adventure lover

The third phase or season is winter, which is undoubtedly the best period for adventure lovers. The temperature remains below freezing point during this season. In Kufri, winter starts from December to February. The best part is, during the end of this season the department of travel and tourism organizes winter festival where daring wanderers come to experience the adrenaline rush of various sport events especially when it comes to the whirl of skiing. The layer of snow becomes thick, which makes the appropriate condition of winter sports. Therefore, before booking your tickets to Kufri, let’s take a clear and defined look to the seasons.

adventure activities in kufri

Adventure Activities in Kufri

  • The vibrant Summer

Both summer and winter are famous for skiing and hiking in Kufri. However, if you want the effect of lush green with colourful sceneries into your life, summer is the best season to plan a trip. The summer in Kufri is pleasant and ideal weather for people who want to spend quality time in the midst of blooming mountains. The breath-taking panoramas will certainly make an impact in your soul and mind from which you regain all your energy and prepare for a new start. You can even plan a visit to the Himalayan Nature Park, which is famous for its flora and fauna. A diverse range of north-western animals can be seen including rare sub-species of Hangal, Musk Deer, Barking Deer, Monal, Brown Bear, and different types of pheasants.

summer in kufri

Summer in Kufri

  • Things to remember in monsoon

Raindrops and snowfall make us all happy. It’s the time when the lush green starts receiving splashes of water and sometimes cream-filled snow. The monsoon season in Kufri is bright and beautiful and thus, carries the fresh vibes wherever you travel. It’s somewhat like spontaneous magic that unfolds in front of your eyes. However, you need to be cautious while driving as the roads usually become tricky. A lot of extra precautions need to be maintained to stay away from roadblocks and sudden downpour. Places like Narkanda and Kinnaur may remain closed due to road blockage. The monsoon is the starting of the off-season in Kufri, which means tourists can also gain awesome discounts and offers to reach up to 40-50%.

monsoon in kufri

Monsoon in Kufri

  • The exception of winter in Kufri

The climatic conditions in Kufri during the winter become extremely harsh, but no less than heaven when it comes to snow lovers. It is the perfect time when sports lovers can enjoy the rush and gallops of skiing and sledging on snow-capped slopes. The temperature ranges from -4° C to -10° C. It’s quite usual to receive heavy snowfall during the winter months in Kufri. It is the perfect time where tourists can experience a complete snow-white look of the Himalayan peaks. Even the Himalayan Nature Park gets covered with a thick layer of snow, which is the perfect condition for snow leopard and Tibetan wolves.

winter snowfall in kufri

Winter Snowfall in Kufri

Whatever be the time of the year, it is suggested to consult properly with a knowledgeable travel agent who can also provide an adept guide for the trip.

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