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  • The Steps to Perform Cleaning Services on Hardwood Flooring

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The uses of hardwood floors have become popular amongst the homeowners. They come in oil coatings to prevent scratches and stains, and some carry unique waterproof properties. This makes cleaning and maintaining the floors much easier, compared to other floorings. They also happen to pet-friendly enables the four-legged companions to walk, jump and run freely, without having the fear of slip and fall.

There are many types of hardwood floors available, and reputed names like Flooring Discount Center provide an astonishing array of flooring options to help you pick one as per your preference. They are well-known for proper installation and maintenance services in and across Orange County.

Types of Hardwood Floors

There are many types of hardwood flooring available for homeowners to choose from. The Best hardwood floors in Orange County is known for their timeless attractive hardwood floors and it can be refurbished to last for a long time unlike other types of flooring. Given below are some of the most famous hardwood floors, which are frequently installed by homeowners, they are:

  • Rosewood
  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Brazilian cherry
  • Walnut
  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Mahogany

These hardwood floors are currently on big demand by the homeowners, and the Flooring Direct Center makes it sure to fulfill all their customer requests. If looking for hardwood flooring options, you will be provided Affordable hardwood flooring in Orange County, and the company will make sure that you receive the highest quality of flooring.

Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

To clean and maintain your hardwood floors, so that it can stand out and make home interior look good, you need to follow several steps. Given below are some of the steps that are easy to perform. They are:

  1. A regular broom or a dust mob will be the best choice for cleaning. It will help in removing all the dust, dirt, pet, and germs from the floor quickly. You are requested to use a microfiber broom, which can trap grime and dust.
  2. Unlike routine cleaning, hardwood floors require deep cleaning services occasionally. This will help in removing oil, dirt, and grime, which is been stored for a long time and a proper dust cleaning, was a good solution. Using a wood cleaning mob, and a cleaning product that is diluted in water, according to the instructions.

The above-mentioned steps are important and they are the most practiced steps by many homeowners and individuals.

The Installation Process

The Flooring Discount Center not only sells beautiful and superior-quality hard floorings but they also have Certified Flooring Installers in Orange County and many of their customers are satisfied by their installation method. The experts from the company will take care of the installation services, no matter what type of hardwood flooring to choose.

They will perform a neat and clean service and it will around 1 to 5 days, which totally depends on the area and the job. When you are hiring the professionals of this well-known flooring company, you will be ensured with a safe service.

Final note

When you want to put up a good hardwood flooring for the rooms of your home, you can contact the Flooring Discount Center and get to choose from their wide range of floorings on hardwood, the color, texture, and size. You will be offered new trend designs, discounts, and other offers once you join hands with them.

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