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With more and more women leaving it for later to have babies. Some do so to follow a carrier or due to delay in finding a suitable partner to settle down to raise a family. Whatever the reason, more and more couples are having problems in conceiving a baby at later ages. How Poor Ovarian Reserve Matters? Poor ovarian reserve leads to decrease in reproductive potential, which leads to infertility. Poor ovarian reserve leads usually to menopause, but the changes vary from woman to woman. No treatment can improve ovarian reserve, but women can take the help of assisted reproductive […]

An intensive cosmetic dental treatment, Full Mouth Restoration combined with aesthetics incorporated with the revolutionary science of restorative dentistry in order to enhance the health, function and beauty of the mouth. The main objective of full mouth restoration is to revive the function of the teeth, keeping the overall aesthetics intact. The patients exhibit not only missing teeth but numerous teeth with large fillings, exhibiting cracked or broken teeth. Sometime teeth that have severely worn as a result of long-term acid erosion with bruxism or teeth grinding with the involvement of processes a series of dental treatments one or more […]

Medical science has seen a success rate like no other field in the past few years. Although several issues continue to persist, there have been many that have been tackled. One of them went by the name of lichen sclerosus and was a disease that could be controlled by using cream but had no specific cure for it. However, the laser technique of the modern era has made it possible with significant results tilting towards the favor of eliminating the disease from your body completely. Getting Information on the Disease Treatment is crucial but what is more important is to […]

Many women individual ask several questions regarding the ovulation time or when they are more likely to ovulate. Yes, several studies proved that the phase of ovulation increases your chances of conception. Whenever you decided to bring an addition to your family, you’ve to begin with tracking your ovulation phase and the ideal time of conceiving. Remember that ovulation time depends on women menstrual cycle, and every women menstrual cycle varies – Therefore, only a few numbers of women who get pregnant soon, for others, pregnancy will take a lot of time. So, quit worrying! Track your ovulation according to […]

Once in a lifetime, you would feel pain in the tooth. Even if you keep your teeth clean and try and maintain a proper oral routine, yet you might at some point of time feel pain in the tooth. There is a slight chance that even after taking so many precautions that slight pain triggers and if you ignore it at that particular time then it can be a matter of serious concern. But have you ever thought why does your toothache? The reasons could be many. A few of them are: Tooth Decay – This is the most common […]

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