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Category: Mental Stress(Page 2 of 4)

As a student we have to go through so many ups and down. We have to be mentally and physically strong and have to face all challenges. School and college days are the wonderful phase of one’s life. We want to live that life again. In academic life we have both joyful and stressful days. Everyone wants to lead a successful and happy life for which they have to work hard and focus on studies. But college life and its atmosphere are filled with fun and students get diverted. In academic life, they have to handle and balance so many […]

How many of you like reading? The majority of the researchers argues that, at present, people don’t read books; as a result of the current digital revolution leading to their social media addiction. However, it seems that the demise of books is greatly exaggerated. In fact, people still read, and the number of the avid readers is impressive. A significant number of the book lovers, who may be called as the bookworms, complains about their forgetfulness and failure to remember the plot of different books. This point raises a question – “What is the point of reading if people do […]

Are you not being able to focus on your work? Do you need to relax? Well, now you can with Kratom. It is an all-natural agent that not only works as a stimulant but also is an effective sedative. Previously it was only available in South-east Asian Countries. But times have changed drastically. Technology has taken big steps and now you can get what you want online itself. Along with capsules, now you can buy kratom powder online without any kind of problems. It is an easier solution than going to a shop and looking for kratom. Just Click To […]

Stress is something which we not able to ignore in day to day life. We always wish to have a stress free life but it’s impossible to lead a life without stress. Stress arrives because of some unplanned problems and difficulties where we are not ready to handle it. We can live a peaceful life only when we handle or face problems in a positive way. The feeling of pressure and nervousness is the part of life. Stress is good for us to some extent. Stress encourages and motivates us to work hard towards growth and developments. But when stress […]

Summary: Mental health is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. Read the article to know about the vital Ayurvedic healing techniques and its role in gaining an enhanced mental health. Unexpressed feelings, buried emotions, our thoughts, etc., never die, they are concealed deep inside us and do come forth later in many unpleasant ways giving leading to a troubled mind. Mental health is a serious problem that can occur at any age due to various reasons, most importantly ‘Stress’. Maintaining a healthy body and mind are required at every stage of life. Mental illness is more than a condition […]

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