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Coworking spaces are essentially shared office spaces. Unlike traditional workspaces, coworking spaces offer affordability and flexibility to remote workers looking for a place to work. Most notably known for their amenities, coworking spaces offer office-like amenities for a fraction of the cost. Members enjoy things like hot desks, conference rooms, kitchens, free coffee, printing, scanning, and more. Coworking is an affordable option for those looking for a workspace and networking opportunities. The coworking environment provides a sense of community and members really get to know each other by working close to one another on a regular basis. Individuals receive numerous […]

What’s the image that comes to your mind when you hear the word freelancer? For most people, this term conjures up the image of a casually dressed individual, comfortably seated on a couch with a laptop, and sipping away freshly brewed coffee. It’s the perfect picture of working in a relaxed atmosphere without having anyone breathing down your back, isn’t it? But being a freelancer has a lot more to it than this cool image. Along with the flexibility and freedom not found in a regular job, freelancing brings with it several changes that can impact your life in a […]

Back in 1929, when the famous writer Virginia Woolf wrote her even more famous essay A Room of One’s Own, she was certainly not referring to coworking offices. She, on the other hand, was speaking on behalf of women writers who were struggling to make a mark in a male-dominated literary tradition. Several decades have passed and today, the coworking culture has created exactly what Woolf and her contemporaries had hoped for – a room or space many women can call their own! Coworking spaces are transforming the traditional work environment in general and for women in particular. Such spaces […]

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