pandemic challenges and workout
  • Challenges Bodybuilders Are Facing During COVID-19

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Looking for a way to adopt a healthy lifestyle? This article will cover the problems faced by the bodybuilders and how to rectify them.

The Covid-19 Pandemic had brought this fast-moving world to a standstill. Since 2020 this virus has been reported to cause 3.2 million deaths out of 153 million cases filed globally. Nowadays, among its new variants, the third variant is declared very lethal so in order to control this threat, social distancing and lockdown are imposed. The imposed lockdown is severely hampering people’s affairs including business activities, public gatherings and fitness routines for fitness fanatics.

Under the threat of Covid-19, improvement in weight, physique, height and appearance has become a huge challenge for a bodybuilder. Furthermore, it has become tough for bodybuilders to get their supply of injectable steroids for weight loss because companies have shut down.

The following challenges are most frequent in their lives:

Inappropriate Home Equipment

Bodybuilders are used to living highly regimented lives. Every calorie they eat serves a purpose; every weightlifting session is targeted; every cutting and bulking season is organized according to their goals.

There forth, inappropriate home equipment affects your desired goals. For instance, heavy weight lifting requires free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells. Likewise, cross fit programs and HIIT (heavy intense interval training) demand their own instruments which makes them insufficient to apply at home in comparison to gym.

In order to counteract the problem of buying tools, people arrange equipment at home with the best of their own knowledge. For example, for dumbbells, they filled bags with books and magazines. Similarly, they purchased a 50-pound bag of rice to balance on their back for squats, and a bulk-sized container of laundry detergent for kettlebell swings and lunges. These inadequate tools will ultimately deteriorate your muscular shape that was prone to proper training before lockdown.

Lack of Nutrition Management

Health and nutrition contributes 80% to fitness in comparison to 20% of exercise routine. It’s been reported that COVID-19 home confinement has resulted in a decrease in all levels of physical activities and about 28% increase in daily sitting time as well as increase in unhealthy patterns of food consumption.

Since pandemic, the enclosure of restaurants and fast food chains has caused drastic decrease in their sales but insouciant people still respond to their takeaway service. As a matter of fact, demand for fast food has increased because it’s easy to avail.

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Change of Perception

As a victim of social media platforms, people spend more time on their mobiles to cover for their tedious lifestyle at home. Similarly, some bodybuilders prefer allocating their time in their financial work due to Covid-19 economic crises, some prefer in shifting to substitutes for their gym workout and others feel a threat of catching the virus due to weakness. This ‘Change of Perception’ among various bodybuilders has resulted in hindrance to their tasks.

Lack of motivation

The motivation for fitness is not only internal but also external. People are motivated when they observe others doing fitness activities. Gym mates and their physique work acts as a motivating factor for individuals where now they completely rely on music to collect inspiration. Covid-19 pandemic, not just crushed the world globally but it robbed people’s hope, motivation and spirit which led to anger, disappointment and frustration among bodybuilders.

The closure of gyms and other fitness activity centers, including sports stadiums, morning walk parks, etc., is the main reason behind the lack of motivation for fitness.


No doubt, life keeps you pushing to your boundaries just like Covid-19 but there are endless possibilities of new crises to arise and crush us until we remain strong by our own.

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