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  • What Software Can A Beginner Use To Make The Comic Book?

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Choosing comic-creating software for beginners is always so confusing for almost everyone. There are lots of software available that helps you to create professional-looking comics with less effort.

Here we have shortlisted some of the best comic creating software for beginners that let users create professional-looking comics with fewer efforts.

What is the best software for making comics?

We have picked the 3 best software programs that a user can for creating a comic book with minimal effort. These software programs are:

  1. Comic Creator Studio
  2. Clip Studio Paint
  3. Manga Maker Comipo

Comic Creator Studio

comic creator studio

Comic Creator Studio

Comic Creator Studio is designed by a US-based software development firm named Summitsoft. This comic-creating software lets you create manga and comics with so much ease. It provides you with pre-made characters and backgrounds to apply in your comic. This software is compatible with Windows devices.

Features of Comic Creator Studio

Comic creator studio offers some exciting and attractive tools to let you create amazing comics. Some of the major features and tools are below outlined:

  • Drag & Drop: This comic creator application lets you simply drag and drop the objects on your comic page to show you instant results.
  • Drawing & illustration tool: You will be provided with a professional drawing and shape tool to apply to illustrate in your comic. Also, you get more than 500 pre-uploaded characters and backgrounds.
  • Balloon & Text effects: Comic creator studio offers your balloons and text effects to add dialogues and expressive text to guide your storyline. You can apply different shapes of balloons or stretched texts to show an action or express the character’s mood.
  • Rich Color control: It allows you to add gradients to shape fills and strokes. Also, you can adjust the color aspects of your comic pages.
  • Effects: By using Comic creator studio, you get access to 1000+ music samples and sound effects to apply in your comics.
  • Customization: It let you customize the page template and panel layout as per your preference so you can create your comic in your preferred zone.

Price of Comic Creator Studio

If you want to purchase this comic creator software then you have to spend around $39.99.

Clip Studio Paint EX

clip studio paint ex

Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip studio paint EX is an excellent software for creating comics digitally. It has all the tools that let a beginner create, design, and publish their comic through the full creative process. The very first version of this software was released in 2001 in Japan.

Clip Studio is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Features of Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip studio paint is widely used by creators due to its unique and easy-to-use features and tools. Let’s have a look at some of its major features:

  • Customizable brushes: To match your personality, clip studio paint let you customize every aspect of your brush.
  • 3D Model: Clip studio paint provides you with a wide range of 3D material and lets you access the movable 3D models, accessories, vehicles, buildings, and many more.
  • Photograph your Scene: You can use a photograph to use as your background of a scene in your comic. Just import or convert line art to use them in your background.
  • Smart Fill: The smart fill tool is smart enough to fill color in small gaps and it can easily color the tiny place.
  • Vector Line: This software lets you create vector lines with a hand-drawn natural and smooth feel without compromising the quality. A Vector eraser lets you remove up to intersecting lines.
  • Preview: Once you completed your comic, you can preview your comic pages, margins, and page numbers before sending your comic for printing.
  • Export: You can export your comic in multiple image formats such as PSD, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PD. Also, this software allows you to directly share your work on social media platforms.

Price of Clip Studio Paint EX

If you are looking to buy this professional yet easy-to-use comic-creating software then it will cost you $219.00. Using Clip Studio Paint Discount Code can also help you to get some discount on it.

Manga Maker Comipo

manga maker comipo

Manga Maker Comipo

Manga Maker Comipo can be a perfect choice for you if you want to create Manga and Comics. Mainly it deals in pre-made characters and backgrounds, although it allows you to import your own characters and backgrounds.

Manga Maker Comipo only supports Windows-enabled PCs.

Features of Manga Maker Comipo

This comic creation software is one of the best beginners friendly software with features that let you create comics digitally with fewer efforts.

  • 3D characters: a “3D character” menu lets you easily drag and drop selected pose and face. It has hundreds of poses and faces and they have categorized by the character’s emotions.
  • Camera Angles: Manga Maker Camipo offers you 3D models and allows you to view your character from any angle you want.
  • Background image: This application lets you import a camera pic to use as the background of your comic.
  • Marks and Sound effects: Manga Maker Compio has icons called comic marks which you can use in your comic to show your character’s emotion. It has many sound effects including various Japanese sound effects to use in your comics.
  • Character customization: This comic creator software lets you easily create your own original character by selecting items such as clothes, hairstyle, eye color, and other accessories. Also, you can add in your Manga art.

Price of Manga Maker Camipo

This software is available as a one-time payment. Its perpetual license costs around $49.99.

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed three of the best comic creator software for beginners. If you want an application that lets you easily customize all the objects including colors, then Comic Creator Studio is the perfect software for you. If you are looking for professional software that most professionals use to create comics then Clip Studio Paint is the software that will provide all the aspects, you need. If you want a cheaper yet beginners friendly, then we would recommend you to choose Manga Maker Camipo.

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