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With every passing day we hear about new hacking stories and how companies are losing their data, customer information and facing financial losses. Social media sites, dating apps and banking sector are the most affected when it comes to data breaches. These things are troublesome for the big companies. In order to prevent it, they use employee monitoring and surveillance tools.

A good number of tech companies are watching their staff and employees in their privacy. This has increased over the years. Many people don’t know but the employees are being tracked and monitored by many companies. Here we are going to list some of these companies and how they watch the employees in their privacy.


Google is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. It has a number of products, apps and software for the users. Google Maps is one of these and the widely used app. It allows users to check locations, get routes and find places when they don’t know where to go. Google uses its map as a monitoring too. As the users give access the app to the location, the app starts tracking the users.

The app knows where the user is and what places they have been visiting. This is a serious matter the users should know about it. It is something you should not ignore as your privacy has been compromised.


Facebook is the most popular social media site. It has billions of users around the world. When it comes to the companies watching users in their privacy, Facebook is one of these. Users often share their location on Facebook when they check-in, check-out and go some places. This is one way Facebook tracks users in their privacy.

Apart from this, Facebook has also access to the users’ chats, messages and private conversations. Facebook recently admitted how it had given access to other companies to the user data as well as the private messages. This should not be a surprise for the users that how Facebook is watching everyone in their privacy.


SnapChat is one of the big companies that track users. When it comes to the best social media platforms, SnapChat is one of them. It is somehow different than other social sites but offers almost the same features. The users can enter their locations, places they visit. With this feature, the user location is available to SnapChat and it can be used for tracking.

Apart from this, there is no doubt that SnapChat watches users in their privacy. They have access to the user messages, chats, accounts and conversations. This has potentially reduced the trust of users in these tech companies for following the users in their privacy and keeping eyes on their activities.

Why Tech Companies Watch Users in Privacy?

You may be wondering why these companies are tracking the users and employees in their privacy. There are many reasons for this that are listed below.

Data Collection

The tech companies need data for research purposes and to develop tools for users. They use these data and collect it from all the users. They offer free services but charge users in form of data collection.

Earn Money

Another thing that makes us believe why tech companies watch the users in their privacy is they sell the user data. Facebook is just one example of how it has been collecting user data and selling it to other companies. Almost all the big companies make money when they sell data to other companies.

Monitoring and Tracking

There is also one other reason why companies watch users in their privacy and that is these companies track users. The reasons for this can be any. Government pressure is one of the reasons why private companies keep eyes on the users.

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