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  • Depression and Transcendence, Being Depressed Is Good (Sometimes)

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There is a hypothesis, put forward by Lauren Alloy & Lyn Yvonne Abramson. It states that the more realistic you are, the more you are going to be depressed. That’s true & the theory is called “Depressive realism”. Does that make any sense? Since birth, you are asked to contemplate & fully understand the realities around you. It will leverage you to predict your future & correct the course if necessary. Hence the more you know your world, the more accurate you will become to predict it, the more probabilistically you are depressed. Well, vice versa also seems to support the hypothesis. Depressed people predict more accurate & realistic outcomes. If you want to see an evidential proof of it, we have it.

Well, a best friend of mine tries mastering a skill called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you know you are dreaming & able to control your actions or surroundings. You can fly or pass through the wall knowing that you are in a dream. Initially, he said, the adrenalin rush was real. Do anything, be anyone it’s like literally a dream of dream come true.

And one day it ended. Not like he lost the power of/to control. As he mentioned that he was flying over the Australian continent in his dream. He realized that the map or roads he has been seeing are not real. It’s something that is there in his mind somewhere already. It’s just the same map he had in own neural network of the brain. That realization hit him. He finds the whole practice of lucid dreaming meaningless. The adrenalin rush never happened again. This is exactly the same kind of realization you have if you well know the world around you. Geniuses generally tend to understand the world & it’s hard for them to find people who communicate on their level.

So what’s the point? Should we not seek out the wisdom and live in the cocoon of learned helplessness or acquire knowledge to get depressed?

For the answers, one must seek the book of human purpose i.e. Bhagwat Gita. Just hold for a sec. we are not talking about anything related to religion or mythology or spirituality. I have found a logical concept in the book which makes complete sense in the human psyche.

There is this concept of soul, we know all the blah blah around it. But what we didn’t realize is separating the body from ones being (soul) had greatest implications.

E.g. when your body surrounded with a situation which is totally awful, but your soul doesn’t know shit (BTW you’re soul not a body- in case you forgot all the soul blah blah). Now separating emotions with active being is the pinnacle one would like to achieve. Why?

“Your damns are really expensive; don’t give them too often.”

Try bribing a sage on the Himalayas with tons of money or even gold. It’d be no use to him because material possessions are like having something which is of no use. On a lighter note, he can’t buy crap, maybe no one is selling anything there. It is just like my friend had no use of all the opulence he could have in his lucid dream.

“Stop telling me to become a freaking sage!”

“No, no one is!”

The point is a balance. Whatever you have, take good care of it/them (Karma yoga- Bhagwat Geeta). If you lose, treat as if it/they were just plain dust. Well, you say that you love your mom or dad or husband or wife, how would you possibly think like that? Remember it’s just a dream, for what possessions or people you know are they even real, can you decide? Does it belong to your body- Yes! Does it belong to you (Soul)- No!

“Can you believe that husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father is dust when they are gone?”

“Meditate to make it happen!”

It’s hardcore but it’s for real to switch your being (soul) from mundane stuff to do or give it a try create something for real. You’ll find your purpose. You’ll find peace.

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