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  • Factors to Keep in Mind before Choosing an Ideal CNC Machine Shop

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Choosing an ideal CNC machine shop is necessary to produce excellent machined parts. And there are plenty of CNC machine shops present in the market, and how to find the right one is the million-dollar question.

Some industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, medical, construction, and more, need CNC machined parts. Selecting a CNC machine shop is the solution if you are in one of these industries or require machined parts.

And choosing the right one depends on plenty of factors that we’ll discuss in this article. Keep these factors in before finalizing your CNC machine shop.

Let’s begin:

The capabilities of the machine shop

Before you choose the machine shop, you must ensure they can handle your project. It would help if you examined and learned about the equipment and the skills the machinist possess. The machine shops must get evaluated on the types of machines they have and the capacity of these machines. The OEM customers must work with the shop to properly understand if the machine’s capability & capacity can meet the needs of their future orders. You must check whether they offer three or five axes capabilities for complex projects. Going with a CNC machine shop is the best option if you have a large project.

Ability to produce complex machined parts

Most industries require complex parts, and it is possible via CNC machining. You need to verify if the CNC machine shop could produce machined parts earlier and if they can do it in less time while keeping the precision.

Do ask whether the machine shop can do justice to your CNC project. If yes, then you can contact and hire them. Ensure that the company has a good client base and can deliver the same quality with utmost precision. You are choosing a machine shop with experience with complex parts.

Experience in the machine shop

Experience in the manufacturing industry is priceless, and it matters a lot. When you are looking for complex machined parts, a minor issue can lead to faulty ones. It can hamper the relationship between the customer and the company.

You can ask for references and read reviews about CNC machining shops. Don’t trust only written testimonials; always look for completed projects on their website. Hiring an experienced CNC machine shop owner means they’ll understand your manufacturing requirements better. Thus, they are capable of producing personalized precision machined parts.

Offering ideal price

There are various precision CNC machining providers in the market. However, the cost can differ depending on their years of experience, capabilities, and services. You need to choose a machine shop that fits your budget. Be careful not to select the machine shop offering low prices because they might be good on the cost factor but will perform worse in the longer run.

It is the same with the machine shop that charges quite a hefty price for machined parts. Please don’t start a project with them as it won’t be cost-effective in the long run. Go with a machine shop that shares the genuine quote.

Having an ISO certification

You might be familiar with ISO certification, and most machine shops have ISO certifications. And it is valuable in the manufacturing industry. It has an impact on how the company operates and manages the projects. The certification goes a long way to ensure that the company has a culture and will take care of its goals. Another thing to keep in mind is the duration of the ISO certification. For example, the company might follow the quality regulations but not according to the updated versions of ISO.

Material selection and availability

If you offer various CNC machining services in your business, locating a machining shop that can work with different materials is essential. Larger CNC machining companies cater to clients with diverse material needs, and commonly utilize aluminum, copper, and stainless steel to manufacture parts. Before placing a substantial order, ensure the machining shop has these materials readily available. A machine shop that can handle a broader range of CNC materials typically specializes in high-volume manufacturing. A business may have different axis machining centers if it receives orders for multiple materials.

On-time delivery

Effective time management is crucial for the success of any CNC machining business. Each unit of CNC machining requires a specific time frame to maintain a balance between supply and demand. Any delays in the machining process can have a negative impact on the business. It is impractical to work with CNC machining shops that need to ensure timely delivery.

To address this issue, it is recommended to seek out CNC machining companies that commit to shorter lead times and speedy delivery of machined parts. Opt for a CNC machining company that ensures prompt delivery of your machining products and provides regular updates on the project.

Custom project requirements

Before sharing your project details with a CNC shop, you should ensure they have all the necessary CNC machining capabilities. There are specific machines for custom CNC machining, such as 5-axis centers. You must ensure that your supplier has the equipment according to machining requirements.

Only some machining facilities can deliver the final products with tolerance requirements and customization. So, before spending your money on a cheap machining shop, you need to study the market. You will find a supplier that can meet your custom projects. Ideal machining companies can achieve strict tolerances for your machining projects.


Selecting the best CNC machine company can become hectic for you because there are various factors to consider. It would help if you looked at many aspects, such as production activity, surface treatment, and material availability. Studying the market is the ideal solution for deciding that. You can visit the CNC machine shop facility and get more information.

By Norm Grimberg
who is the president of Machining Design Associated Ltd. (CNC Machine Shop in Canada). He has been involved with the company for over 30 years. Over all these years he has acquired a great deal of knowledge in machining practices as well as management skills. His team has expanded their business relationships throughout North America.

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