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  • Feminized vs Auto flowering: 5 Differences between the Two

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Growers frequently have to decide between gendered and auto-flowering seeds while growing cannabis. Each variety caters to distinct tastes and cultivation objectives with a unique set of traits and benefits. In this post, we’ll review the main distinctions between feminized and auto-flowering seeds to assist gardeners in selecting the best option for their requirements.

Genetic Makeup

The genetic composition of feminized and auto-flowering seeds is the main distinction between them. In order to ensure that all of the ensuing plants will be female, female plants are selectively bred to remove the male chromosomes. This produces fertilized seeds. To produce plants with constant female features, a rigorous selection and modification procedure is required. However, by crossing cannabis the ruderalis with sativa or sativa strains, auto-flowering seeds are produced. These plants automatically go from the vegetative to flowering stage depending on age rather than the light cycle. Because of their special genetic makeup, auto-flowering plants may bloom regardless of variations in light exposure, which makes them ideal for outdoor cultivation in areas with short summers and erratic weather patterns.

Photoperiod Dependence

The photoperiod, or variations in the light cycle, is what initiate the blooming stage in fertilized seeds. In order to trigger blooming, these plants need to go from 18–24 hours of light during their vegetative phase to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Due to the plant’s reliance on light cycles, producers must carefully regulate the length of time the plant is exposed to light in order to control its growth cycle efficiently. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds do not require photoperiod to initiate flowering; instead, they will do so on their own after a predetermined amount of time, often two to four weeks following germination. This characteristic makes it unnecessary for farmers to modify light cycles, which streamlines the growing process and lowers the possibility of mistakes.

Growth Cycle Duration

One additional important distinction between auto-flowering and feminized plants is the length of the development cycle. With a vegetative development period that lasts 4–8 weeks and a blooming stage that, depending on the strain, might last 7–11 weeks or longer, fertilized plants normally have a longer growth cycle. Feminized plants are able to establish bigger structures and deliver more premium blooms because of their longer growth cycle. Conversely, auto-flowering plants develop significantly more quickly; from germination to harvest, their full life cycle can be completed in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. Because of its speedy development, farmers who want many harvests a year and quick turnaround times are drawn to auto-flowering seeds.

Yield Potential

High harvests of superior buds can be expected from fertilized seeds when growth circumstances are ideal. Growers may optimize the yield potential of feminized plants by implementing meticulous cultivation procedures, such as trimming, training, and nutrition management. However, since they develop more slowly and have a smaller overall size, auto-flowering seeds usually yield less than feminized seeds. Auto-flowering plants have faster harvest times and more cultivation freedom than their feminized cousins, even if they might not produce as much.

Cultivation Difficulty

Because of their prolonged development cycle and sensitivity to environmental conditions, feminized seeds are typically seen to be more suited for experienced gardeners in terms of cultivation difficulties. Feminized plants need to be grown with great care, attention to detail, and a firm grasp of plant biology and cultivation practices to provide the best results. Conversely, because auto-flowering cannabis seeds are so forgiving and simple to cultivate, they are frequently chosen by inexperienced growers. Because auto-flowering flowers are more resistant to pests, diseases, and stress, they are perfect for novice gardeners or farmers with little expertise.


In conclusion, the decision between feminized and auto-flowering seeds is influenced by a number of variables, including the growing environment, the desired yield, and the expertise level of the cultivator. Higher yields and better control throughout the growth cycle are possible with fertilized seeds, but effective cultivation calls for more care and knowledge. Conversely, auto-flowering seeds are great for first-time growers or those who want to harvest more than once a year because of their rapid turnaround periods, simplicity of cultivation, and resistance to environmental stresses.

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