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  • 5 Signs Your Mom Would Benefit from Living in an Assisted Living Facility

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  • Published Date: May 17, 2022
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As people get older, there comes a time when they might not be able to live alone and fully care for themselves. The symptoms vary for each aged person, but there are several common signs that suggest someone older, like a parent, might benefit from residing in assisted living.


All of us forget things occasionally. But some older people become frequently forgetful about where they left something or if they took their medicine on time. They might temporarily forget a loved one’s name or even their own address. Some types of forgetting are transient, but other kinds of forgetfulness become permanent. When your aging mother begins to often forget things or to become increasingly forgetful, it might be time to think about moving her to assisted living. This will help keep her safe, as she will take medication on time and not wander into dangerous areas, forgetting that she shouldn’t be there.

Physical Decline

If your mother develops physical problems with mobility, speech, or strength, she might not be able to live by herself for much longer. Physical debilitation can grow worse over time, and that could cause your mom to become more sedentary and helpless, which is not a good condition to be in. Has your mother been evaluated by her doctor to see if physical problems are temporary and mild or permanent and challenging? That will help her to consider the benefits of an assisted living residence.

Mental Confusion

In addition to forgetfulness, many seniors develop symptoms of dementia. It may be a slight form of the condition, or it could progress to a more reliant state. Your mother may begin confusing people in her life and misinterpreting the actions and attitudes of others. She could perform the same activities or ask the same questions repeatedly. It may get harder for her to remember what day or month it is. Sometimes, gentle guidance is all she needs to get back on track with daily life. If you or other family members can’t be there for her consistently, assisted living might be a viable option.

Health Issues

Chronic illness or a long convalescence requires routine monitoring and support. A visiting nurse coming to your mother’s house might not be adequate. Moving to an assisted living facility can provide care and oversight to keep residents safe, comfortable, and happy as they deal with a major illness or recover from a serious injury. Prepared meals, housekeeping, and a roommate for socializing help invalid residents recover more quickly.

Lost Interest

Many people change their hobbies, skills, and interests throughout their lives. However, as a parent gets older, these interests tend to stabilize. Older people stick with their hobbies and interests because there may not be as many things to hold their attention. However, one sign that your mother would benefit from living in an assisted living facility is a decreased interest in activities that were once fun and exciting. This might be a sign that they are isolating themselves, or their mood has changed in general. An assisted living facility would allow your mother to immerse herself in activities that were once fun, and hopefully, they’ll become fun once again.

Talk to your mom about assisted living if you notice symptoms like those indicated above. She may be willing or even eager to move into a facility where around-the-clock help, security, and other older individuals are available. She will be able to receive care to the point that many of these symptoms are moot, and that can even give you peace of mind.

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