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  • Personal Injury Lawyers and Know What They Can Do for You

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A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation to those who have been severely injured as a result of a negligent or intentional act. The primary goal of a personal injury lawyer is to pursue compensation for victims of injuries that result from incidents like car crashes, slips, falls, and many other types of accidents that were intentional or otherwise. If you are an accident victim who has a case, a personal injury lawyer will work to earn you a much-deserved payout from the person who injured you for any pain and suffering you may have incurred as a result of either their actions or inaction.

Investigate Your Claim

Most personal injury lawyers are paid via a contingency fee. This means that they only receive their attorney’s fees after securing a jury verdict or settlement payout for their client. Since they often pay for their time and any other case-related costs upfront, they are very careful when evaluating potential new cases and clients. A personal injury lawyer will investigate your claim and only take your case if he or she believes it can be won. On your end, this means you should only pursue a personal injury case if you really believe you do have a case.

Gather Evidence

A personal injury lawyer may gather evidence in support of their client’s claim. This may include tracking down witnesses and procuring any incident or police reports, medical records, employment reports, or anything to establish liability for the accident, and the extent of the resulting damages. You may have to provide details about your life from before and after the accident, mainly to establish how vastly the quality of your life changed as a result of the accident. This would include providing information from and about your medical records, your finances, and any other documentation that might be relevant to the case.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Most people are poor negotiators, especially under the pressure of pursuing compensation. That’s why they rely on people who have gotten degrees involving a lot of negotiation. If you walk into any reputable personal injury law office, you’ll find several lawyers who excel in arguing their cases on behalf of their clients. In fact, they negotiate all the time and are used to dealing with insurance companies who are more interested in protecting their business interests. Your attorney can review the details of the policy, determine the maximum compensation according to the specifics of the case, send demand letters, and communicate with the insurance company all on your behalf.

Prepare Pleadings

If a fair settlement is not offered by the insurance company, a personal injury lawyer can file a complaint in which they make legal arguments for the responsibility of the defendant for the accident. The complaint will also state the specific damages being sought by their client and why they even have a case. Once the letter is sent out, defendants typically have about 30 days to respond.

Represent You at Trial

If a case moves beyond settlement and proceeds to trial, an attorney practicing personal injury law will also provide representation in court and make their client’s case in front of a judge and jury. They will argue on behalf of their client in order to force the defendant to pay the amount they’re being sued for.

If you have suffered an injury from an accident and you were not at fault, a personal injury lawyer can help you receive fair and just compensation for any pain and suffering you are currently experiencing and may experience down the road. From private investigators to expert testimony, an experienced attorney can draw on a variety of resources to provide the best possible outcome.

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