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  • How You Can Help Glo Heal The World Through Doing Yoga Online

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  • Published Date: July 3, 2020
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If you incorporate spiritual practices like meditation into your life, you’ve probably heard of group meditations. That’s when a group of people comes together to meditate. This activity has even been the subject of research studies over the years. What would happen if a group of people wanted to bring that same sense of mass consciousness to doing yoga online? You’ll get Glo, a way to not only get healthy but to heal with many other yogis.

What The World Needs Now…

To say that the world needs a lot of love right now is painfully obvious. You can barely turn on the news for five minutes without hearing stories of assaults, pandemics, murders, and other horror stories of the human condition. It’s enough to drive a sane person to madness and despair.

While love is pretty hard to find in the world right now, it’s not impossible. Every day, there are people doing good works on a local, nationwide, and even worldwide level. While most of us can’t heal the world on a global level, we can heal ourselves on a daily basis through the self-care practice of exercise.

How You Can Bring Love to the Yoga Mat

One of the best ways to bring love anywhere, including your yoga mat, is through showing up for yourself every single day. An easy way to do that is through doing yoga online. By taking out your mat, picking a video to follow, and taking the time to take care of yourself, you’re putting a little more love back into the world.

These days, many of us are facing unprecedented challenges. We may have lost our jobs. We may have lost a large portion of our income. We’re definitely cut off from much of our social circles. With all of this going on, the thought of moving our bodies may seem to be a heavy and impossible request. But a regular yoga practice may be just the thing to help you and the world heal. You’ll soon learn how this can be the case.

How to Practice Self Love

Glo is a platform that allows users to do yoga online in a vigorous but fun and enjoyable way. This online platform offers you over 4,000 courses on yoga, meditation, pilates, and many other exercises and mindfulness subjects. If it can help you heal from the recent world events, there’s a good chance that we offer it here at Glo.

In addition to helping you move your body and get more fit and toned over time, doing yoga online at Glo can help all of us heal. Whether it’s from the stress of living through a pandemic, from the stress of homeschooling your children, or through navigating your work life from home, doing a yoga class on Glo can get you away from the stress that comes from juggling life in these crazy times. Even if you just do a 10-minute meditation class on the Glo platform, you can soon see how it helps you be a better version of yourself in your life.

The world needs healing. While none of us can heal the world by ourselves, we can all heal ourselves. By taking the time to do one of the thousands of classes on the Glo platform, you’re showing the people around you that it’s okay to take care of yourself. Whether you take a meditation class, a vigorous Pilates class, or a gentle restorative yoga video, you’re definitely doing your part to heal the world around you.

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