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Getting pregnant may not be as easy as one may think, nor does it always go according to plan. Numerous factors play a role in conceiving a baby, such as ovulation days, period dates, and much more. The chances of pregnancy are higher during your ovulation period as you’re the most fertile at this time. If you’re planning a baby, keep in mind that it takes time to conceive.

5 Tips to boost your chances of getting pregnant!

Planning a baby? Here are five tips to increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Have sex often

Even if you track your ovulation, you may not be a hundred percent correct when it comes to ovulating. Try to have sex often so that you don’t miss out on conceiving, in case your calculation of ovulation days is incorrect. If you feel like the pressure of having sex every day is too much for you, try having sex every other day.

Track your cervical mucus

Cervical mucus can indicate the time when your fertility is at its peak. Cervical mucus is vaginal discharge that women often experience. Tracking the appearance and texture of the mucus can tell you whether you’re fertile or not. Usually, mucus is thick and white before ovulation. While ovulating, the mucus is slippery, clear, and wet. Tracking your cervical mucus may be a more accurate indicator than your menstrual cycle.

Use canola oil as a lubricant!

Certain ingredients present in the store-bought lubricants can decrease the motility of the sperm. The ability of the sperm to survive is what makes conception easier. Regular lubricants, as well as saliva and olive oil, may make the sperm less viable.

Don’t overthink it

People obsess over a lot of things when they’re trying to conceive. Don’t obsess over the little stuff and try to make it as stressful and fun as much as possible because stress can impact ovulation. Choose whatever position you like and have sex at whatever time suits you. Treating it like a task will make it monotonous, boring, and can upset both partners.

Focus on your health

A healthy body is important to conceive and nurture a baby. Eat healthy and nutritious food and maintain a healthy weight. It’s best for both partners to quit smoking. Stop drinking alcohol when you’re looking to conceive. Keep your caffeine intake under the daily recommended limit. Moreover, take essential vitamins that your body requires to conceive.

Discuss your plan with your doctor

Visit the Best Gynecologist in Karachi or the Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre to discuss your pregnancy plan. They’ll assess your health and talk to you about changes you can make in your daily life which can make conception easier for you. Additionally, talk to your doctor about any problems you’re facing, and they can guide you on the proper treatment for it.

Why am I not getting pregnant?

Many young couples stress too much on their plan, but things don’t always go as per schedule. Don’t be disappointed and talk to your doctor if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year and are under the age of 35. Wait for an additional six months if you’re above the age of 36. Don’t obsess over it too much and hopefully, the result will be positive.

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