4 hidden tricks in facebook
  • Revealed: 4 Crazy Facebook Tricks for the Facebook Pranksters

Featured Image Caption: 4 Hidden Tricks in Facebook

Do you know that Facebook has many secret tricks that you can use to surprise your Facebook friends? Yes, there are plenty of hidden tricks in Facebook that can fascinate you as a prankster.

Some of them really deserve a mention here:

1. Use Pirates Language

Trick your contacts by changing your language to ‘pirates’, the kind of ‘lov’in’, ‘mak’in’ and ‘em’ etc. This is both easy and fun.

pirate language facebook

Pirate Language Facebook

All you need is to tweak the language settings from ‘English’ to ‘English (Pirate)’. That is it. Now, prepare yourself to receive the series of messages from your contacts for making them confused with those weird sounds of words.

2. Make Your Text Upside-Down

Imagine your friends view your timeline only to find the text upside-down. Though this feature might create a little anger to them until they know the real trick but this is what the real fun. At the end of the day, it is all fun and entertainment.

text upside down facebook

Text Upside Down Facebook

So, if you are dying to unlock this mind-boggling Facebook trick, you just need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Open your account settings
  • Use the edit button to change your language
  • Choose “English: (upside-down)”

3. Initiate a Fake Discussion

This one is really funny. You can use fake convos to set up a fake discussion between famous world figures. Share the link of your Facebook profile with your network where they can view the comments of those personalities having a chat with each other. Make it funny. Your network should laugh to death seeing the conversation between the two.

For example, you can create a fake conversation between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin discussing the arrest of Edward Snowden, while he comes in between their conversation.

fake discussion between famous world figures

Fake Discussion Between Famous World Figures

4. Pretend To Be A Friend of A Famous Personality

Make an impression on your contacts by pretending to be a friend of a celebrity. Fool them with a fake profile picture of that personality. For example, you can use the profile picture of Justin Bieber and generate a message that says: “I finally found you on Facebook, my friend!” Afterwards, you can share this message with a string of your contacts and see their reactions.

This is what you have to do activate this feature:

  • Open the official page of a celebrity.
  • Copy the name or profile ID mentioned in the URL.
  • Paste the name between the double brackets and put it into the Facebook chat message field and then send it to your string of contacts.

You are done. Now switch on the “call waiting” feature in your mobile phone for the queue of inquisitive calls you are going to receive about your recently found friend.

pretend to be a friend prank

Pretend to be a Friend Prank

This article reveals 4 exciting Facebook tricks for pranksters on Facebook. The tools provide interesting features to surprise your Facebook friends.

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