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  • Learning a Second Language – Which One and Why

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Are you wondering if you should learn a second language? There are various benefits of learning a second language, such as reduced old-age dementia risk and a more prosperous career. However, selecting the ideal second language from over 5000 languages can be daunting. This post will explain the six most beneficial second languages to learn.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language across the globe, thanks to its 955 million indigenous speakers. It’s the ideal second language if you’re looking for a raise. Most US-based firms rely on connections with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Other companies are expanding to attract China’s budding consumer class. Mandarin speakers are consequently in high demand. Twenty-one thousand seven hundred seventy job opportunities required mandarin fluency in 2014.


Nearly 6% of the world’s population speaks Spanish, including millions of South Americans, Central Americans, and Mexicans. Spanish is a formal language in multiple international organizations, such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations. Spanish is undoubtedly among the essential second languages in America, even if you aren’t planning on traveling outside the U.S borders. It’s the most frequent language in America apart from English and highly required by United States employees. If Spanish is your first language, you may want to consider HSC English tutoring prior to your arrival to the U.S. Bi-lingual Spanish and English speaking workers are in high demand in the United States.


With 295 million Arabic native speakers, the language is rapidly turning into a valuable investment for people who want to enter Africa and the Middle East’s budding economies. The World Economic ranks Arabic as the 5th most dominant language across the world. It will continue garnering more popularity as trade continues expanding from and to Arab countries. If you are searching for job openings in the gas and oil sector, national security, or diplomacy, Arabic might be your most critical second language.


While you can practice speaking Portuguese with over 10 million individuals in Portugal, Brazil appears to be the upcoming edge for South American investments and businesses. Brazil is also the biggest economy within Latin America and is easy to learn for English native speakers. The British Council also included Portuguese among the top ten most valuable languages for the United Kingdom’s future, indicating that it provides numerous opportunities for diplomacy, education, and foreign investment.


German is spoken officially in six countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland). English speakers might find German familiar since they fall under the same language group. German was initially regarded as ‘the science language’ before the First World War. German speakers are in high demand because of the nation’s thriving economy and cordial trade relations with America. According to research, employment opportunities that require German fluency pay extraordinarily well. America’s median salary for German jobs is higher than all second languages on this list.


French is officially spoken in twenty-nine countries and is the second -most commonly learned language after English. Although its popularity has reduced recently, it’s still an important second language for diplomacy and international businesses. If you plan to visit Quebec, Sub-Saharan Africa, or France, it would be worth considering learning French to open valuable opportunities. Being a romantic language, French is related to Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Learning French may also make learning other languages easier.

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