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  • 7 Instagram Contest Ideas to Gain and Retain Followers

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Did you know you can get an average of 3.5 times more reactions for a contest post than others? Yes, that is right, and if you are going to run a contest over this platform, you would have to spend some money. And if you do not know which way to go, then learn it now! We have some top ideas that can help you gain more involvement.

ROI of User-generated Content Contests

Did you know around 25 percent of the world’s top brands would link to user-generated content? That is a huge number that tells how much return on investment you get. You can use such a contest for effective results for your brand. Some top results that such a contest can provide you are:

  1. Such contests can help you get a big number of content pieces to choose from. You get that with cost-effectiveness.
  2. With UGC contests, you make a buzz around a big channel. You may get results in a way that you never expected. For instance, you may have results even for your followers’ circles. The thing is that content creators would share it in their own circles. And, this would make a big buzz.
  3. It would be a perfect means for building trust for your brand. As a result, your authenticity gets higher, and you allow people to know your content’s worth.

These ROIs would be visible in a short time. And you can measure them with analytics as well.

Like and Win contest

Like and win contests are among the most common contests that help super well at all levels. You can try using these for effective results. Such contests can help you build credibility, bring reactions, achieve brand awareness goals, and others.

Such contests are always helpful as a great way of making a better reputation over the platform. You can try using these contests to have incredible results in engagement levels.

Some experts would recommend asking people to like on Facebook. So, it can help your posts go viral. Such a contest can also help you make people tag others to your post and get results for that. So, you can have proper help for all kinds of reactions from your audience.

Selfie Contests

The use of selfie contests can help you have amazing results in the section of reactions and other benefits. If you are a company looking to get more exposure, you can try using such contests. Some top ideas for such a contest would be:

  1. Asking to remake designs that Instagram shows.
  2. One of the most famous contests would be to recreate past art.
  3. You can try launching a dance challenge.
  4. A nice makeup challenge would always work as well.

These challenges and contest ideas are easy to carry on and work well to get all kinds of responses. So, trying them would be a great idea for several types of companies. When you launch such a contest, make sure that you ask people to post a picture with your product. It will be a type of user-generated content competition that will have a visual appeal with good ROI.

When you end the contest, you can take a particular picture and declare it the best one. Moreover, you can feature this picture on your own account and make it get more responses. It will be a type of incentive for people engaged with your content. It will help you have more credibility.

Caption Contests

If you are looking to know how to gain more Instagram followers you can have a caption contest. With this method, you will get abundant content and will be able to engage people. For this purpose, you can try posting content and asking people for captions they could think of.

When you have enough captions, you can choose the best one from them. You must offer a giveaway for the best caption creator. A giveaway is a must, or else people would not be interested in taking part. Such a contest can help you have more traffic on your website and profile. So, you can benefit in more than one way.

Skill Contest

A skill contest is one that would involve content that people create by showing off their skills. Such an activity would be great if you teach people skills and are looking to get feedback. However, such a contest would be a big leap towards getting more responses that can help you have a better profile.

So, try to add a skill contest and track with analytics. Such analysis can help you have a better response from your audience.

Follow Us Content

If you are looking to know how to retain more Instagram followers, you can have a follow us contest. This one is among the best ones you would love to have. The ROI on this one would be incredible, and you can have a big number of people following you. At the end of such a contest, your following will grow, and so, you will have better profiles.

Tag a Friend Contest

The use of such a contest would help you improve your reach. Its use can help you have better reach and more responses. It is a simple type of contest, and the winner may be picked randomly. It will be an easing thing to have better reach and improved reactions with such a contest.

Final Thought

An Instagram contest is a great way you can have a better and enhanced reach. So, try to have a great one that helps you have amazing results. You can try using a competition through which people would love interacting with you. So, make your competition interesting, and you can try a selfie, tag a friend, like, and win, plus others. Choosing a competition depends on you, and you would have better help if you understand your audience. The better you know them, the better you have a chance of getting a better interaction with them. So, know them and make your competition in accordance to that.

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