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  • Starting Over: 6 Tips for Landscaping an Overgrown Yard

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  • Published Date: October 30, 2019
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Whether you just bought an abandoned home or you decided to take a hiatus from taking care of your yard, you’re likely looking at a big overgrown mess. Trying to figure out where to start and what to do can be overwhelming at first.

Here are six tips that will help to ensure you turn that overgrown yard into a landscaping masterpiece.

Work in Stages

You first need to decide how you’re going to break the process down. It can be easy to take a look at the overgrown yard and say that you’ll handle it all in a weekend. However, when you do this, the work can quickly become overwhelming, which can set you back and discourage you. You may just want to break it down to the step-by-step directions, but if you have a bigger area to take care of, you may want to break it down by area of your yard instead. Once you breakdown the project into smaller tasks, you can get a more reasonable idea of how long it’s going to take you to finish.

Clear the Debris

Before you can get out your mower or weed wacker, you need to clear the debris from your yard. This includes old lawn ornaments, fallen branches, large sticks, pine cones, and acorns. These can all damage or hinder a lawn mower so clear them away before you start mowing. If you’ve got a lot of debris, you can look into using equipment attachments to make the work faster, easier, and safer.

Mow the Grass

Being able to transform an overgrown disaster into a semi-decent lawn with the cut of a mower can be so satisfying. If you’re dealing with tons of saplings, tall grass, and weeds, you may want to consider getting a brush mower. You may need to utilize bigger equipment to start. Then, you can move onto using a traditional mower to finish the cutting.

Define Your Edges

Now that you have a semi-decent looking yard, you need to refine it by cleaning up the edges. Take some time to evaluate the space and determine what you want to use as your edging material and where you want to place it. Fences, patios, stone walls, and gardens are all different areas you need to consider edging.

Educate Yourself on the Underwater Systems

If you hit a pipe or utility line while you’re digging and crafting your landscape, you may not only be setting your project back. You may also hurt your budget as you pay to fix the damage done. You should get familiar with the underground systems for your home. This way, you can avoid hitting things like pipes and lines when you’re landscaping.

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Decide on Landscaping Elements

You’ll likely want to add a tree, shrubs, or flowers to the yard to make it more appealing. Take the time to assess your needs. Since there was a problem with an overgrown yard in the past, opting for low maintenance plants can be the key to ensuring that the overgrowth problem doesn’t happen again.

Clearing out a overgrown yard signs and turning it into an eye-catching attraction takes some necessary time and planning. The above six tips should point you in the right direction as you get started. Remember to always plan your budget and intended time frame ahead of time.

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