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  • What Are The Top IoT Predictions For The Year 2020?

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The more we think about the capacity of interconnected devices, the more we are immersed in the pool of astonishment. The growth of IoT devices has led to the expansion of its popularity. The level of convenience that it provides is beyond one’s understanding.

Because of the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are several predictions flowing in from different directions. Since there are only a couple of days left in the arrival of next year, let us check out the most popular predictions of the year 2020. These will help the enterprises to run their processes in a professional manner.

IoT provides a platform for billions of internet-connected devices to share and collect data. After all the devices are equipped with sound connectivity, they are termed as ‘smart’. For example smartwatches, smartphones, smart homes, smart thermostat and much more.

So without any further ado, let us check out the predictions from Forrester, a leading American market research company.

1. Integration of 5G into new designs

The past couple of years were about the topics and hype circulating the 5G mobile networks. To be honest, the buzz was created around its efficiency to provide high speed and low latency. This year we have seen the potential of 5G networks, but in 2020 we will witness the implementations. Everyone will see the rumors turned into reality.

Before the introduction of 5G capabilities, a lot of IoT devices transmitted the data with the help of LoWPAN- low power wireless personal area networking technologies. Is this technical term a bit confusing for you? Well, then let us simplify the same. LoWPAN or 6LoWPAN is basically a wireless mesh network. The mesh has multiple nodes, in which every node has its own Ipv6 address. All the nodes are easily able to connect with the internet using open standards. This permits the devices to communicate in a manner that is cost-effective, especially when compared to a low-power wireless network.

5G is trending nowadays and has no plans to replace the existing LoWPAN networks. The major plan is to augment them. This clearly suggests that some of the industries will continue the use of LoWPAN technologies. The only change would be the enhanced use of 5G solution for transferring data to telecommunication networks like a cloud.

2. The Users Will Embrace Smart Speaker Displays Shooting The Popularity Of Multimodal Design

The smart speaker displays came into limelight in the Echo Show in 2017. It was basically an adding face to Apple’s AI assistant- Alexa. Since then these smart displays have covered a long path till now. This is because of the products which include the Google Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Display, and Amazon Echo Show 5.

The category that we are talking about, predicted to flourish in the year 2020. It will finally expand from the users’ devices to a much larger platform, for example, enterprise device adoption. Do you have any idea how enterprises will make the most out of this tech? Well, one of the most popular solutions for enterprise is conference room management. This allows the teams within the company to initiate a proper interaction with the remote users.

But for technology developers, this process will definitely shift more towards a multimodal design. This technique enables smart displays to adapt to several situations according to their needs. The devices will be easily able to absorb the correct context, soak up the context, and understand the situations. Take a look at the examples that we are talking about. It will be able to tell;

  • Is someone distracted during a conversation?
  • Are the giving full attention?
  • Are they concentrated on the device?
  • Is there a need to pausing the video if someone is looking away?

In the future, if the smart displays gain popularity, then there is a complete chance that the software will expand to match up to its popularity.

3. The Use Of IoT Will Expand In Connected Trucks In Order To Catalyze Logistics & Supply Chain Transformation

IoT in the future will create highly efficient logistics in the trucks and hence increase the more effective processes in the supply chain process. As long as the trucking sector is concerned, IoT will definitely inculcate better insights into what exactly the truck on road is carrying. This would prevent the deadheading, or also keep a check on trucks carrying on with empty loads.

There will be an introduction to enhanced communication and better visibility. Both of these factors would suggest who’s got the capacity where and when. This directly suggests that there will be an increase in the knowledge base, as one will be able to know the location of the stuff. It also tells us about the speed in which the trucks are reaching their final destination.

Reduced rates are yet another marvelous example of what this tech can do after merging it with the supply chain. Since we are talking about the cost, then one must know that better visibility is the main reason behind it. Reduce the number of damages or loss, automatically reduces the negative impact on the business.

Internet of Things, in the future, will also pave the way for an enhanced level of truck driver assistance. And that is not all, it has also increased the technology that helps the truck drivers to stay away from the laziness. Through this truck drivers can notice the times when they get inattentive or drowsy. Of course, the fully self-driving trucks won’t be able to come into picture in 2020, but all the advancements will definitely accelerate the process. But let us see what happens next. Never say never, right?

The basic idea that promotes the enhanced level of safety and security will definitely leave its imprint on the supply chain. For example, in the warehouses, IoT devices, in future, will be uses to properly operate heavy machinery and move around the heavy goods and services, that too on automated carts.

These are the three IoT trends that one needs to know about. But if you think that is all then you are sadly mistaken. From its inclusion in app development to its growth in the supply chain, the scope is never-ending. Let us see what the year 2020 has in store for us till then, stay tuned to this space for more information.

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