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  • 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn More Effectively for SEO

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SEO is not solely about fixing URL issues and other related technical problems on your site. Often, effective SEO practice also involves other off-page activities such as how you manage your profile on other platforms. LinkedIn has grown in the recent past to become the leading professional social networking site. the website now enjoys hundreds of millions of active users across the world. You can take advantage of this network to improve your SERP tracking performance over time. for you to do this, you must understand how the platform functions and the techniques that are suitable.

Here are some of the most important ways that you can use LinkedIn more effectively for SEO.

1. Publishing content

LinkedIn has a very active forum where users can publish content about almost anything. If you are a professional in a given field, then you can publish content in your specialty to show the world that you understand what you are doing. The good news is that you can use this opportunity to enhance your SEO performance. A simple approach can include publishing content that is related to the products that you offer. by so doing, you can help to build your reputation as a specialist in your work. With time, this approach can improve the SEO performance of your website.

2. Create a professional page for your site

LinkedIn has many professionals who are constantly looking for opportunities to network and do many other things. Apart from the other group of users who are interested in employment opportunities, the place has many individuals whose primary interest is to grow their networks of associates. You can take advantage of this primary feature of the site to build the level of popularity of your site by creating a professional page. If you do so, you can help people find out more about your service and possible check your site. thus, in the end, you will benefit because their visiting will increase the amount of traffic to your site.

3. Utilize LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a service about current news stories related to various industries. If you connect to the service, you will get updates on the most important developments in your industry. You can use this service to improve your SEO in various ways. Primarily, connecting to LinkedIn Pulse will help you understand trends in your industry. Once you master what is happening, you can change your content and other aspects of your site to address the changes.

4. Use LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, has options for individuals and companies to place their advertisements. Just as you may advertise on other social media platforms, you should place your commercials on LinkedIn strategically. Make sure that you use the analytics tools to evaluate the performance of your advert concerning attracting traffic to your website. also, you can use this approach to complement the kinds of adverts that you place on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. Engage with your followers by posting content

Once you get a sizeable number of followers on LinkedIn, you must engage them for as long as you would want to do so. The best way of keeping them glued to your brand is by regularly posting updates about what you are doing as a company. You can then use the opportunity to attract new users who may not understand what you are doing but are on LinkedIn. Once they read about your status updates, they will have a rough idea of your identity and activities.

6. Include LinkedIn on your list of social media sites at the bottom of your website

If you have a list of social media platforms at the bottom of your landing page, then you are doing the right thing. These buttons help to integrate your website with the social media profile of your firm. If you have not included LinkedIn in the list, then it is time to add the site. your users can use the buttons to move between your website and various social media pages seamlessly.

7. Cross publish content

In this age of content marketing, it makes sense that when you publish the latest content on your blog, for example, you should republish the content in all your social media pages. in other words, it is wise to cross-publish content as a way of enhancing the engagement levels of your followers. To this end, you can ensure that snippets of the content are published on LinkedIn and other social media pages. Users can then click on the links to read more on your site.

8. Build a network of potential associates

You can develop relationships with potential resource persons on LinkedIn. For example, when building links, you can rely on your social media networks to identify individuals who also own sites that are related to your industry. similarly, you can rely on your LinkedIn network to find potential bloggers with whom you can do guest blogging projects to enhance your SEO performance.

9. Monitor your online reputation

Just as you need to listen to social media chatter for you to understand what people are saying about you, it is critical to do so on LinkedIn. In fact, it pays to monitor your mentions and those of your brand on LinkedIn. You can then easily detect when there is a crisis and develop the right response.

10. Optimize your page

You can optimize the page of your firm on LinkedIn as a way of boosting your SEO scores. Take some time to analyze how you use keywords on the page and make any changes that may be necessary. Also, ensure that the page is appealing to users to improve its level of user experience.

In summary, you can do many things on LinkedIn to boost your SEO performance. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site; therefore, it is full of people who can be of benefit to you. Thus, you can connect it to your site, integrate it with your other social media sites and use it to maintain an optimized page for your firm.

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