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Who doesn’t like a pretty website design to satisfy the eye pleasure? Having a clean look and feel on the website will be able to have visitors to stay longer on that page, and allowing them to read the content available in the page. Just like a nicely refurbish house, you would feel comfortable staying in the space.

Using the example of a house, it is important to space out the furniture in the house instead of cramping all of it together in a page. Similarly for web design, the text and images are to be placed in a template where it does not make the entire website messy and distorted with it all around the place. Following a template would be the best way as it helps you to arrange the content and have anorganised look. However, there should be a ‘main’ item in the page to attract the visitors and have them remember that point even if they return to that page after months.

Layout and design are correlated. The arrangement and the decoration of the page are not to be separated when it comes to website designing. Keeping everything short, getting all the keywords. With the shorter attention span in us these days, these 2 point are the easiest to get to the company’s target audience directly. We, human being have shorter attention and this make us skim through each large chunks of paragraph in a blink of an eye. Hence without the key point in each of the paragraph being shown to the visitor in the first eye, they will not be able to catch it and disregard the focus in the whole page.

white space is important in web design

White Space is Important in Web Design

White space. This also has the power to create the ‘main’ in that page! With the white spaces in a page, it will create the center of the page and allow visitors to focus on that. Imagine a page filled with all the images and content in it. You will feel like it is suffocating you, with no area to breathe. However, take a look at Google’s homepage. It focuses it to the search bar and the logo in the middle of the page with all the white spaces around it.

Images are one of the most important thing in a website. It will be the first thing visitor would notice after the page is loaded. Using professional image from stock photo sites would help your page look more professional. Having images being shown on the website would make most people subconsciously think that these images are from the brand themselves and hence build the company’s reputation based on the images seen. Therefore if images used are some low resolution images or amateur-taken images, it will make show that the company is not professional and the website will seem messy.

Fonts are also something that catches the eye of the visitors. Having a consistent font style that speaks for the company is important. It would differentiate the company from others being unique. Just like Disney, they have a font style that is special to them. When others see that particular font, they would immediately link that to Disney, stating their distinctive font style. Similarly, having a font that represents your company would be the best as fonts would speak for themselves. Always spend time choosing the font that truly represents yourself.

finding the right singapore web design company

Finding the Right Singapore Web Design Company

Of course all of these points above are important, but most importantly you yourself must know what you want to show to your target audience. This would definitely help the Singapore web design company that you are hiring to fully understand the gist of your idea.

Web design is not exactly difficult to do by yourself, however to be fully able to get the attention from the visitors, getting a web design in Singapore locally is still more worth it, compared to stressing over how to handle the designing.

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