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  • 7 Things You Can’t Do When Going For Massage Therapy

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A massage session is an opportunity to enjoy relaxation as you get pampered to escape the hustle and busy of daily life. To make the most of your experience requires preparing n the best way possible. This requires knowing things you can’t do to enhance your experience.

Read on to discover what to avoid when planning a visit to a Denver massage spa.

Using the phone

Being on the phone during a massage session is poor etiquette. You are expected to talk on the phone or to keep checking your social media as the therapist does their work. People go to the spa to relax, talking on the phone will obviously affect other users’ experiences. Additionally, keep your phone in silent mode. Your buzzing phone will distract others as they try to go into a calm and restful state. Always be courteous to everyone in the spa by not using your phone and keeping it in silent mode.

To avoid the temptation of reaching out for your phone during the session, ensure to keep it out of reach. The urge might be high to take some photos while in the spa and share them on your social media. A good idea is to leave the phone in the locker for an opportunity to make the most of your spa experience. This is a chance to escape the world and regular life and to recharge your mind.

Inappropriate wear

Avoid wearing swimwear when looking forward to best massage in Denver. This attire will obviously get in your way to relaxation. Ensure to have comfortable wear for an ultimate massage experience. Perhaps you want to cover up embarrassing mishaps that might come with wearing a bikini. Well, in this case, you can carry your swimwear. Opt for one offering comfort compared to choosing one for style.

Making the most of a massage session requires wearing attire that makes you relaxed without worrying about fashion. Perhaps you can wear flipflops for a more practical relaxation experience. The spa will most likely offer you slippers, robe, and towels. But, you have to carry your swimsuit.

Not eating anything

Ensure to eat something before visiting the spa. Perhaps you fear unwanted bloating during the session when you eat. Well, a rumbling stomach throughout the session is more embarrassing. Have a snack before to avoid disrupting the session. This will save you from an empty stomach covering the ambient music in the spa. Have a light snack at least an hour before the session to give you ultimate relaxation and focus during the session.

Going dehydrated

There is a chance of the spa offering some refreshments. However, it is a good idea to ensure that you are rehydrated throughout the day. The spa atmosphere might get warm and dry making you become dehydrated much faster. Carry a water bottle to allow topping up throughout the day. This will ensure that you concentrate on unwinding and relaxing during the session. When dehydrated, deep tissue massage might make you get a headache afterward. Drinking plenty of water avoids the headache and moves toxins released during the massage session.

Arriving late

When you booked a massage session at a particular time, ensure not to arrive late. This avoids disrupting the therapist’s bookings and other customers. Additionally, you also lose valuable time for enjoying a wonderful experience. Perhaps you should plan the visit to the spa in the evening when done with work to avoid rushing to the appointment.

Suffering in silence

The ultimate benefit of a massage session is relaxation and calmness. Therefore, don’t suffer in silence when not happy with what the therapist is doing or feel uncomfortable. It is very important to always speak out. Perhaps it is your swimwear inhibiting you from getting a body or back treatment. You can ask the therapist to leave and you change into something comfortable.

You can as well just get under the cover of a warm blanket. The therapist will only see the parts they are working on. And, when turning over, the therapist will hold a large towel in front of them so they can’t see your nakedness. Always be vocal about what you need such as feeling aches, pain, or particular areas you want worked on.

Wearing makeup

A clean face is essential when looking forward to getting the most out of your massage session. Avoid makeup in the best way possible. Nobody minds about your looks at the spa. And, your skin will be thankful at the end of the session. Your clean skin will soak in the various oils and essential nutrients such as CBD applied during the session.

Final thoughts

Regardless of your schedule, regular massage should become part of your wellness program. A massage session offers significant health benefits. However, you have to avoid the things highlighted above when looking forward to enjoying your massage experience better.

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