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  • 9 Different Types of Walking Aids for The Handicaps

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Do you think walking is a pleasure? Be it a short walk to the grocery store for picking up the groceries, from the living room to the kitchen or a long walk to your countryside in the fresh air.

Walking is a very important part of our lives which we all take it for granted. We, humans, understand the importance of walking when it is gone or disabled.

Simply just assume if you become disabled, will you lose all your hope or fight with that situation? Nowadays it is not so difficult to face the walking disabilities like before because there are many walking aids which are now available in the market which will help you to deal with the walking disability without any difficulty.

From traditional walking stick to modernly designed walkers all are available in the market. One can choose from a wide range of walking aids which are available out there.

If you are not aware of all the aids, then read on to know the types of walking aids:

#1. Adjustable T Shaped Handles

Walking sticks can be made of metal or wood. They are very easy to use and are also light in weight. In addition, they can easily be folded as and when required and easily fit into the handbag.

#2. Single Point Cane

A single point cane is the simplest way to support your leg, but it is not the right option to choose if you will be putting your weight should onto it. Single point cane is very helpful for those who want a little bit of extra support for alleviating their discomfort and the pain.

#3. Crutches

Crutches are very supportive walking aids for those who have sprains or breaks in their legs. Crutches can be very helpful and provide good support to the patients with an ample amount of strength. Crutches are not useful for the elders because it requires patients with good stability and upper strength.

#4. Quad Cane

A quad cone is very helpful for those who need more stability than the patients who require the single point cane but do not need the support of the walker.

#5. Walker

types of walking aids

Types of Walking Aids

A walker is the most supporting walking aid for the patients with less upper body strengths or poor balance. Walker is mostly used by the seniors. New walkers which have been launched in the market have many features which can make the equipment more comfortable to use.

#6. Knee Walker

The knee walker is very easy to use and very helpful for those patients who do not want to place any weight on their legs. This the best choice for the patients who had a troublesome period by using crutches in the past or do not want to be dependent on the walker. It is the best walking aid to get around quickly and safely without putting any weight on the legs.

#7. Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are the ones which come with many features such as the removable arms, the little wheels and they are also very easy to transfer from one place to another. In addition to this, they are light in weight and easy to use. They can be folded easily and are available in different sizes and weights.

#8. Transport Chairs

A transport chair is very handy lightweight folding chair, which can be easily transferred from one place to another in very limited space. It has fixed rear wheels; armrests swivel for side transfer and the front castor.

#9. Deluxe Rollators

This lightweight walking aid is made of aluminum and has backrest as a seat. This is also adjustable and can be folded and adjusted into very small space.

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