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With ever increasing oil revenues all over the Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh has become one of the favorite destinations for job seekers all around the world. Lakhs of expats dream of joining the Gulf region and drive their careers within this oil-rich country.

With the up gradation of Information Technology and social media, many job categories have established their roots all over the globe, from America to the Middle East and through Asia. It is no magic or a surprising factor that the Gulf land is a highly developed and modern place to be. A large number of Americans are hired for advertising and banking while the local Arabs gain more money through IT jobs every year which shows that the country welcomes expats from all over the world. Most of the manpower or labor recruitment is from Asia where Asian Expats are getting jobs with impressive and competitive CV’s to obtain their place in the market.

Gulf Business Salary, a survey which was conducted in 2013 listed some of the highest paying jobs in Riyadh.

The list is as follows:

  • Petroleum Engineers.
  • Business Industry.
  • Medical Profession.
  • Banking Industry.
  • Information Technology Industry.
  • Media and Public Relations.
  • Construction
  • Project Management.
  • Media & Public Relations.
  • Ads and Creative Designing involving web designing as well.
  • Real Estate Dealers.
  • English Teaching.
  • Private school teaching jobs.
  • AutoCAD Draftsman.

With the passage of time we have learned that there are some benefits associated with working in Riyadh:

1. Big salary, big perks the benefits of being an expat –

Working in Riyadh comes with some considerable financial benefits. Salaries are higher than any European or US nationals for the same kind of work, but your net income receives a significant boost through the absence of the personal income tax.

2. You will save lots Of Money –

The absence of amusement parks will make you quit the habit of spending.

3. Business culture –

There is no strict difference between religion and other areas of life. Religious rituals are to be observed irrespective of you are in the middle of some important business negotiation.

4. You pay a tax equivalent to nil –

Staying away from your home is very tough especially when you are the only one to take responsibilities for yourself. An expat working in Riyadh needs to pay very little of your aggregate wages into the expense/standardized savings framework.

5. Car Allowance –

Working in Riyadh gives an additional benefit to the expat for lodging and transportation compensation. In case you’re an English language educator in Riyadh, your lodging will regularly be free. Possibilities are there that you will be offered transportation to and from your work. If transportation facility is not provided to you then you’ll be given fair transportation compensation.

6. The benefit of Free Ticket –

Another advantage of working in Riyadh is the free round-outing airfare you return to your nation of origin

7. Society and People –

The people are very helpful

8. Living and Working in Riyadh for working women –

Foreign women can find temporary jobs in Riyadh in fields like healthcare, teaching (with the right qualifications and experience as well), or real estate.

How to get jobs? Tips which will help you in getting jobs in Riyadh

  • Source your contacts for people in your field living in the Middle East. Word of mouth is much better and makes it much easier for the HR heads, since they have someone who is briefing your qualities and attributes, making it easier for recruiting head.
  • LinkedIn is constantly marketing to firms in Riyadh. The employers call you on weekly basis depending on your resume or CV and cover letter. Many banks and professional organizations have been using them for years. Make sure your address and location on LinkedIn reflect an address of Riyadh, this way you will get the notification about jobs in the country which fits your qualifications. If your profile is set to a foreign address or the address is not of Riyadh, your efforts using LinkedIn will go in vain. Most of the employers will search for CVs in there state as they ask the candidates for interviews.
  • Make sure your work permit, is under your firm’s sponsorship to avoid any problems associated with accommodation.

The people of other countries like to go there and doing jobs in different fields like teaching, doctors, engineering, IT, management and many other jobs which have a very bright scope. Some jobs are in high in demand because of high salary package that’s why most foreigners prefer to relocate to Riyadh. They like to hire the English teachers which are so much qualified and have experience. All of the above-mentioned jobs are the most popular jobs. If you want to get employed in Riyadh, you must have professional degrees of above-defined job sectors.

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