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Nowadays owning a four-wheeler is a common thing. However, taking care of the vehicle and keeping it in the best condition is something people have yet to understand. Everyone tries one or the other thing they get to know from their mechanics. Hence, we have combined the best advice of the car experts across the globe at one place which can help everyone who owns a car.

Advice and Suggestions from The Best:

1. To Minimize or to Avoid Damage to The Car While Driving

When we drive a car, it is an obvious fact that some wear and tear will surely occur to it overtime. However, one can minimize that wear and tear and can also avoid damages to the car if they carefully follow certain rules and take precautions.

  • Don’t try to rush things while driving as in continuously switching between accelerator and break is not the right way of driving; plus, it can also leave an impact on the life of the car. Experts suggest that the driver should always be smooth with the controls of the car.
  • Give your car a few minutes to warm up. It is a machine and it requires a little time to warm up for a smooth operation and to avoid high wear and tear.
  • Over speeding is never suggested as a good style of driving. The expert mechanics say that those who over speed their vehicles on regular basis are more prone to damage their vehicle then the other drivers.
driving safety

Driving Safety

2. Parking Precautions

You will be surprised to know that parking is one of the toughest jobs for a lot of people. The job is not tough because the driver doesn’t know how to park, instead the driver is always concerned about the car sitting next to it and how the other driver is going to move it. So, here are some precautions as well as expert advice for parking your vehicle with no or minimal damage.

parking precautions

Parking Precautions

  • Always park your car in such a way that the chances of someone opening a car door on you or someone accidently hitting you while reversing are minimal.
  • Don’t use trees as shades. Trees have birds and in some cases monkeys. Birds’ droppings are the worst nightmare for the paint of your car.
  • Shade is important not only to keep the exterior but also the interior of the car safe and sound. UV rays can damage the outer layer where excessive heat or other weather situations can harm your seats, etc.
  • Expert mechanics suggest that one should understand the concept of distance and space. It means that while parking one should always consider the distance between the cars and should have enough space that other car doesn’t have a chance to scratch your while leaving.

3. Other Basic Precautions

Apart from above mentioned situations, there are a lot of other things which require a regular inspection by the driver of the car.

mechanical repairs

Mechanical Repairs

  • One should take their car at least once in six months for a complete check-up. Your car works with the help of several types of machinery combined together. Hence a regular check is much needed for ensuring the smooth flow of the car.
  • Always remember that the car needs proper lubrication. So, keep a check on the oil levels and oil filters of the car. Different weather conditions impact differently on the oil consumption of the engine.
  • Potholes and kerbs can harm the tires of the car severely. They can impact the tire alignment along with the tire pressure. So, check these two things regularly to avoid any bigger damage.
  • Always prepare your car for seasonal changes. Every season has its own quirks. Talk to your mechanic and they can guide you regarding the same.

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