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  • Evaporative Cooling: All That You Need to Know About It

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The process of cooling via evaporation is a natural phenomenon. The most popular example that we all know about this is the perspiration or the sweating. As the perspiration evaporates, it absorbs the heat to offer the cooling effect to the body.

Functioning of the Evaporative cooling

The fundamental which is underlying the evaporative cooling can be said to be the fact that the water must have the heat applied to it, in order to change it from a liquid to a vapor state. When the evaporation occurs, this heat is taken from the water which remains in a liquid state, resulting in a colder liquid.

The evaporative cooling system uses the same principle as the perspiration in order to provide the cooling for the machinery and the buildings. A cooling tower is said to be a heat-rejection instrument, that discharges the warm air from the cooling tower into the atmosphere via the cooling of the water. In the HVAC sector, the term “cooling tower” is used to denote both open- as well as the closed-circuit heat-rejection equipment.

Principles of evaporative cooling

As the water is evaporated, the energy is gone from the air, decreasing the temperature.

The two temperatures are necessary when working with the evaporative cooling systems.

Dry Bulb Temperature –

This is said to be the temperature which an individual generally think of, such as air temperature, that is measured by the use of a regular thermometer which is exposed to the air.

Wet Bulb Temperature –

This is said to be the lowest temperature which can be achieved through the evaporation of water.

At the time of water evaporating to the air, the wet-bulb temperature, in comparison to the air’s dry-bulb temperature, is a scale of the scope of the evaporative cooling. The dry, as well as the wet bulb temperature, can be utilized in order to calculate the relative humidity of the air.

The evaporation would take place at the time when the humidity is less than 100% and the air starts to absorb the water. Any offered volume of air can contain a certain quantity of water vapor and the degree of absorption would depend upon the amount that it is already holding.

The word humidity explains how much water is already present in the air; that is relative to the amount which it is capable of holding. The air becomes saturated when it can no longer hold any more water.

The energy is needed to alter the water from liquid form to vapor form. The energy is got in an adiabatic process via the air itself. The air that is entering into the evaporative air cooler gives up the heat energy in order to evaporate the water. At the time of the process, the dry bulb temperature that is passing through the cooler is reduced.

How Does an Evaporative Air Conditioner Work?

Evaporative air conditioners use the evaporation for the purpose of cooling the air. In the evaporative cooler, a pump helps to circulate the water from the reservoir on the cooling pad, that in turn becomes very wet and moist. A fan pulls all the air from outside the unit via the moistened pad. Once it passes via the pad, the air gets cool by the evaporation. The important part to the effective evaporative cooling is to ensure that all of the cooling pads are totally saturated on all occasions during the operation and the systems fan, as well as the motor. These are sized as well as designed in order to deliver the proper airflow to the room.

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