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Category: Poetry Zone(Page 2 of 2)

A hard look and a smile Enough to beguile? Or has it just been a long while A long while since dreams of autumn walks and sunsets strewn Since meeting of eyes and that perennial evening swoon Of dawning dusk and emptying of cages rusty with neglect Fool I may be to give in to surfeit I cannot ignore a hard look and a smile New beginnings? May take quite a long while She stepped up unconscious, to bravely beguile Am I lost or broken? Or is it a fleeting token? Things are better left unsaid… About Poet: Anuvab Chattopadhyay […]

For a very long time I underwent through, A pain that was very true. Just hiding it was not helping, Because somewhere inside I was terribly sulking… Choking inside, Crying at nights. Past memories haunting me, Like a nightmare all the time… Nobody heard my cries, As I was silently weeping. All they could see, Was a smile that I was faking… Pain increased, And its burden was becoming heavy. I could not control the situation, Because I was not at all ready… Time was ticking away, But, the wounds were not healing. The only thing happening was, I, before […]

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